The application situation of pressure transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-24
Pressure transmitter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, municipal, sewage treatment, machinery, such as need for gas, liquid vapor pressure measurement field. Are mainly depending on the type of to measure pressure type pressure gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, etc. Table refers to the atmospheric pressure, the pressure of less than or greater than the atmospheric pressure; Absolute pressure refers to the absolute pressure zero as a benchmark, above absolute pressure; Differential pressure refers to the difference in value between two pressure. According to the measured pressure range in general, according to the actual measurement selection pressure for the measuring range is 80%. Want to consider the maximum pressure of system. 5 times. Some water and process control, pressure peak or continuous pulse. These peaks could reach & other; The biggest & throughout; Pressure even 10 times as much as five times, may cause the damage of the transmitter. Continuous, high voltage pulse close to or more than maximum rated pressure transmitter, will shorten the useful life of the transmitter. But raising transducer pressure rated will sacrifice the resolution of the transducer. Can use a buffer to weaken the peak in the system, reducing the response speed of the sensor. Pressure transmitter is generally designed to in 200 million cycle under maximum pressure and do not degrade performance. When choosing the transmitter can be found between the system performance and life of transmitter a compromise solution. According to the measured medium according to the measured medium is different, can be divided into dry gas, gas, liquid, corrosive liquid, viscous liquid, high temperature gas, etc. , according to the different media selection, right is beneficial to prolong the service life of the transmitter. According to the maximum overload system overload of the system shall be less than the limit of overload protection of transmitter, otherwise it will affect the service life of the transmitter or even damage the transmitter. Usually the safety overload pressure pressure transmitter is 2 times of full scale. According to the need of the error of measurement accuracy level transmitter by accuracy degree, different accuracy for different basic error limits ( Expressed as a percentage of full scale output) 。 In practical application, according to the requirements of the measurement error control and based on the principle of using economic choices. According to the system operating temperature range measuring medium temperature should be in transmitter operating temperature range, such as overtemperature use, will produce a large measurement error and affect the service life of the transmitter; In the process of production of pressure transmitter, will impact on the temperature measurement and compensation, to ensure that the affected by the temperature of measurement error in the accuracy level required range. On the occasion of high temperature, can consider to choose high temperature type pressure transmitter or condenser pipe installation, radiators and other auxiliary cooling measures. According to the measured medium compatibility with contact materials in some measure, measure the corrosive medium, at this time to choose compatible with measuring dielectric materials or special process, to ensure that the transmitter is not damaged. According to pressure interface form with threaded connection (usually M20× 5) As a standard interface. DC; DC, etc. , can have 232 or 485 digital output. According to the situation of field work environment and whether there is any other vibration and electromagnetic interference, such as selection, shall provide relevant information, and in order to take corresponding processing. In other selection, such as electrical connection in the way can also be considered according to the concrete situation.
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