Pressure transmitter working principle analysis

by:KAIDI     2021-02-10
Pick to the current domestic pressure transmitter has been widely used in geological exploration, stone material, machinery, automobile and the defense industry and other industries, in order to further strengthen its performance, this paper specifically analyses the working principle of pressure transmitter, and lists some existing problems. 【 Keywords 】 Pressure transmitter working principle of pressure transmitter in addition to convert non-electricity into measurable quantity, but also has certain amplification effect. In recent years, more and more instruments and industrial automation to automatic control and detection, so the increase in the number of requirements for pressure transmitter, the accuracy, stability, and the price of the product requirements, tend to be strict. In the domestic market at present, there appeared a resistive, diffused silicon, ceramics, pressure transmitter, and gradually occupied a lot of market position. This paper specifically analyzes the working principle of pressure transmitter, in order to have some help. 1. Pressure transmitter's basic introduction, 1) The basic concepts. Pressure transmitter is used to test the pressure of the fluid ( Is actually the pressure) And remote signal transmission, signal is transmitted to secondary instrument or computer for pressure control or monitoring of an automatic control front element, mainly by the pressure sensor, measuring circuit and the process of fitting of three parts. It can feel pressure sensor of gas, liquid and other physical pressure parameters into a standard electrical signals, and to provide instructions alarming device, recorder, controller and other secondary instrument measurement, instructions and process adjustment. At home, in the small automatic control by using the principle of the general based on piezoresistive pressure transducer type, namely varistor produce resistance change after compression, through the amplifier amplification, and USES the standard pressure calibration pressure detection can be achieved. ( 2) The basic advantages. First, set up convenient, multipoint control can be realized. If the pressure signal is a continuous signal detection can be arbitrarily set pressure, only to set electric control part. Second, the compressor can be run advanced control, extend the life of the compressor. By using frequency conversion technology, can make the compressor running more smoothly, a lot of decrease The Times of startup and extend the life cycle, and more environmental protection and energy saving. Third, provide control precision, the component reliability is better. The detection precision of pressure transmitter is several times higher compared to the pressure switch, the control precision is improved accordingly, because of the sensitive element of the mechanical structure, basically no longer needs to maintain, can reduce the damage rate. 2. The working principle of pressure transmitter. 2. 1 resistance strain type pressure transmitter ( 1) Basic overview. Resistance strain type pressure transducer signal output, stainless steel structure, high linearity, small hysteresis error, temperature performance is good, stable operation, wide range, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, main is widely used in the areas of national defense and industrial automation. It is an important part of a resistance strain gauge, the sensitive device can be measured on the strain change into an electrical signal. ( 2) The working principle. Adsorbed on the substrate material, metal resistance strain gauge resistance changes of strain resistance produced according to the mechanical deformation phenomenon, commonly known as resistance strain effect. Under normal circumstances, is to strain gauge with special glue and agent closely bonded on the produce mechanical strain matrix, as the substrate bearing stress changes, resistance strain gauge also together to produce deformation, which changes the resistance strain gauge, to make the change on the resistance of voltage. This kind of strain gauge in force when the resistance changes is small, general this kind of strain gauge of strain bridge, and through the subsequent instrumentation amplifier amplification, and then transmitted to processing circuit ( Usually A/D conversion and CPU) Displays or actuators. In use, the resistance value range should be pay attention to, the value is too small, the drive current is too large, at the same time continuously heat cause the temperature of the strain gauge is too high, lead to too much resistance changes of strain gauge, the output zero drift, zero circuit is too complex. The resistance is too large, the impedance is too high, would reduce the ability to resist external electromagnetic interference. 2. 2 diffusion silicon pressure transmitter ( 1) Basic overview. Diffusion silicon pressure transducer adopts imported diffusion silicon pressure measurement or ceramic core body, the sensor signal by the high performance electronic amplifier is transformed into 0 10 ma, or 4 20 ma unified output signal. This kind of pressure transmitter can replace traditional remote transmission differential transducer, pressure gauge, hall element, and has the DDZ - Ⅱ and DDZ - Ⅲ type transducer performance. Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter has strong performance, can not only with various types of moving coil meter, digital pressure gauge, electronic potentiometer, can also with a variety of automatic control system or computer system. ( 2) The working principle. When the medium pressure signal on the sensor, pressure sensor converts the pressure signal into electrical signal, the differential amplifier and output amplifier amplification, and finally the V/current into A voltage and liquid level of the measured medium pressure into the linear relation between 4 - Standard 20 ma current output signal.
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