New technology for domestic environmental situations. on instrument market

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-17
The process of China's economic development faster and faster, a lot of industrialized production, and so did the strong growth of the national economy, but with industrial production has brought many negative issues concern, including big point, is the environmental pollution to increase year by year, many years ago had mountains in the eyes of the people, charactizing a fine spring day has gone, a lot of land and river pollution of industrial production, is no longer suitable for people to live and live, many of China's economic development is the destruction of the environment and pollution as the price. Has come to the point where it is urgent. The earth is a village, every country's environmental problems could spread to other regions and countries, the environmental protection not only get the attention of every country, in China focus on develop economy at the same time, the environment protection as a basic national policy, therefore, environmental protection equipment research and development and use is also more and more pay attention to. The expert inside course of study thinks, focus on strengthening the environmental protection law enforcement, a slower pace for environmental protection to establish, increase the investment in environmental protection to establish and develop environmental protection industry a new increase point of national economy needs, the future environmental protection instrument and meter industry product market will be significantly increase. Especially in environmental protection instrument, to the atmospheric environment, water environment initiative in control and monitoring system of environmental protection product demand will be very prosperous, such as insulation type magnetic flap liquid level meter liquid level measuring instrument is also indispensable. Basic comparative weakness, however, because of our country's environmental management, environmental protection department in the management is highly responsible, very loosely, law enforcement is not enough, on the investment of capital also is not big enough to cause the realistic requirement of environmental protection industry and the potential demand, there is a big gap as a basic environmental monitoring instrumentation equipment environmental protection also far cannot satisfy the development demand. As the continuation of investment in environmental protection respect to add in our country, environmental protection industry will become the national economy new point. According to the incomplete statistics, in 1998 China's environmental protection instrument and monitor the system output value is about 11. 700 million yuan, to add to $4. 2 billion in 2005, and by 2010 will increase to 11 billion yuan. Visible premonition, environmental protection instrument and meter industry will usher in unprecedented development opportunity, its market prospect is very broad. Environmental protection instruments such as thermal insulation type magnetic level gauge turning the important market demand of environmental protection instrument used in environmental quality monitoring and purifying source monitoring, etc. Detailed situation in our country, the important is dealing with the environmental protection of water environment, atmospheric environment both strategic and the overall environment purification ecological problems.
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