Long range high level tank measuring magnetic level gauge turning methods and installation techniques

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-11
Magnetic flap liquid level meter in the measurement has been widely used in all kinds of storage tanks, has been hailed as a tank level measurement experts, the reason lies in its simple structure, reading simple accurate and stable, and easy installation. In production practice, we often encounter all kinds of storage tank at the scene, such as horizontal tank, vertical tank, underground tanks, there will be long superhigh tanks, etc. , on how different tanks can correctly select the magnetic level gauge, turning in the selection of the points for attention and what skills when installation? In this paper, the communication with friends and do to. Production is 10 meters high level tank selection, if pure magnetic level gauge, turning directly choose to do 10 meters although does not have any effect in production and processing stage and technology, if it is the nearest short-range transport enterprises may be, but basically we are all in the face of the scope of domestic customers, some even are domestic customers, it is a long instrument is a big problem in the transport, and if the transportation distance, transportation costs will account for a significant proportion of the cost. And piecewise after that there will be no blind area will not affect the error. But here there is no blind area, refers to the center distance of 10 meters into flange for 5 meters installed and dislocation need to adopt two pieces. As shown in the figure below: as shown in the above, if the range of 10 meters, is divided into two segments dislocation installation, the following scale of a board show 0 - 5 meters, above a level gauge of scale is shown as 5 m to 10 m, the following one of 5 meters with a scale of 5 meters above should be in the same horizontal plane level ( Is a center of the bottom flange above and below a top flange of the center is to be in the same horizontal plane) But rest assured, magnetic level gauge turning uniqueness is fission installation, Because of considering the blind area, the two magnetic flap there could be an overlap between liquid level meter, so also known as dislocation installation) 。 That is to say two or three sections of 10 meters into, use flange connection between each paragraph. So can be easy to transport, cost will be greatly reduced. Users only need to receive the goods after, can be installed by dislocation, although the scale reading for some people may look uncomfortable, but basically not influenced by visual, and if the piecewise direct docking as before installation, though on a straight line, but there are large blind area, unless the scene for the blind area is negligible. As for the corrosion and leakage ways we have also been considered. Case-by-case basis. And 10 meters and 10 meters above, after all, a little longer, if it is, in the middle or the flange of each section with clamp or other fixed around a fixed.
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