From the level of market demand to analyze its effects on the development of the domestic environmental protection

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-26
As China's industrialization process accelerated constantly, the domestic economy has been the development of strong, the wealth of the society as a whole plate was doing more and more big, from more than ten years of social change, every Chinese people feel industrial and scientific and technological progress to bring the enormous influence. At the same time, caused by industrialization of a series of negative influence is the deep concern of the society, the influence is profound, widespread way to industrial production of the environmental pollution problem, although from the government level of support for the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry policies introduced gradually, but many enterprises engaged in this field still feel enormous resistance, to place in energy conservation and environmental protection industries, policy support, alone is clearly not enough. Before we solve this problem, we must clarify it before a series of problems: this is also need the energy conservation and environmental protection enterprise, such as magnetic level gauge manufacturing enterprises turning clear. The development of any industry, there will be the existence of market demand as the premise, so the energy conservation and environmental protection market demand in where? How strong the power of this demand? After the party's 17th, and further clarify the concept of scientific development to establish the fundamental guiding thinking of China's economic and social development. Can directly provide these enterprises with energy conservation and environmental protection products and services companies often need to have a strong ability of integration and integration, to be able to in the industrial chain upstream supplier has certain influence or control. Who will pay for the energy conservation and environmental protection requirements? The implementation of the unbalanced development of our country strategy led to the unbalanced development of regional economy, the industrialization of developed economic regions with the excessive consumption of energy, air and water pollution, backward economy excessively relying on resources, lead to resource depletion, ecological destruction. Because in the short term can't avoid the local protectionism, hard suppliers across regions and local supplier for the market. From the perspective of demand, we can find that there are three different types of energy conservation and environmental protection industry market, structure and characteristics of the market has a very big difference. *, first is driven regional economic development. Like this can be satisfied in both synchronous goal of industrial sustainable development, the energy conservation and environmental protection. Either way, the development of economy is unsustainable, in under the restriction of the goal of saving resources, environmental protection, economic developed regions and underdeveloped regions, all efforts should be made to prevent new excessive consumption of resources and environmental pollution, to active compensation of environmental management history debt at the same time, whether the source control, is still the terminal management, can directly produce magnetic level gauge the objective demand of turning energy conservation and environmental protection. To match a department of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, in fact, has nothing to do with the market, it is a peak strength is strong, the market proportion and monopoly non-standard field, industry enterprises face & other; High-pressure &high-concentration &low-viscosity & throughout; Dilemma, namely high trading capital, high risk and low efficiency. Most energy-consuming and polluting the environment of enterprises is relatively large produce a manufacturing enterprise, which is a big department of state-owned enterprises. In the past, China's economic growth is mainly a kind of extensive growth mode, rely on high consumption of resources and grab type used to develop economy, caused serious extravagance and energy resources, also caused the environmental pollution and ecological destruction. What kind of measures can both can increase the GDP, and can make the value of resource consumption and environmental damage the synchronous decrescent? There is only one answer to a riddle, is the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry. Second, it is driven by economic structure adjustment. In the early days, & other; Throughout the development &; Embodied in the growth of economy. Come back to us at the beginning of the topic, energy conservation and environmental protection industry market development need to beg to surrender power. Second part is in the service of personal and family of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the typical enterprise including air conditioning, refrigerator of energy conservation and other energy-saving of household electrical appliances production and sales enterprise, to provide drinking water purification, indoor air management, prevent radiation and noise of service enterprises, and so on. The rate of population growth and urbanization progress, causes the conflict between resources and environment, increasing pressure, make the resource requirements, pollution of the environment worsening, urban sewage emissions increasing, mouth and produce waste, noise pollution, air pollution caused by automobile exhaust is more serious. Our country the size of the population, labor population size, population size over the next 20 years will continue to grow, at the same time, there will be more of the rural population into the city, our country's urbanization rate also will continue to progress. And attached is the impact of environmental protection industry for other related industry, including instrument and meter industry is affected by one of the leading industry, pollutant monitoring, control and detection, cannot leave the instruments and meters, for the attention of the environmental protection has given rise to a large number of matching instrument manufacturers, but also bring instruments of technological progress and innovation, such as pollution pooling level measurement of magnetic flap liquid meter, liquid level transmitter, is used for sewage wastewater electromagnetic flowmeter, etc. Third, it is caused by population growth and urbanization. * first class is to serve the public portion of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the typical measures including public measures of energy saving, living sewage treatment, air management, living garbage disposal and so on.
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