Far eastone double flange level meter in the gasifier application problems in the analysis and prevention measures are analysed

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-10
As the core equipment of coal water slurry gasification technology of the gasifier, play a key role in the process of coal water slurry production, synthetic gas in the gasifier of entraining complete cooling, ash, humidifying. Gasifier quench indoor chilling water to maintain a certain level, not only meet the needs of the syngas cooling, also ensure the drop tube from high temperature gas from thermal deformation of gasifier device of liquid level measuring instrument reliability directly affects the safe operation of the gasifier, so for production equipment and the possible problems in effective solution and prevention is extremely important. This paper analyzes the factors which may affect the measurement, from far eastone double flange level gauge selection, installation, maintenance, etc, and to take pressure device is reformed, prolong the service life of the far eastone double flange level gauge, reduced the labor intensity of workers, both meet the needs of the unit run for a long period of time, and achieve the goal of saving the maintenance cost. Double flanged liquid level meter, gasifier device problems and cause analysis, A) Fouling blocking crude syngas and molten ash and slag into the bath of quench chamber, quench chamber contains a lot of ash water medium, long-term in the flange pressure piping and measurement bellows surface deposition, the measurement of a phrase. To reduce slag plugging effect, the original design to take pressure gasifier level under the flange pipe inclined 45 & deg; And in far eastone increase flushing water device model selection of the differential pressure transmitter. Rinse water by measuring bellows and process the upper flange joint line, introducing the gasification device oxygen pump water, pressure of about 8. About 5 MPa. In order to improve the effect of flushing, generally does not carry on the rinse water stress. Flushing water pressure and flow rate, the size of the washing effect has certain influence, generally do not adopt continuous flushing when flushing, according to the double flange level gauge work situation, also can wash regularly ( Usually once a week) , before rinsing will be lifted and gasifier double flange level gauge interlock to prevent flushing process caused by severe fluctuation of liquid level display gasifier trip. ( 2) Measurement bellows erosion due to flushing water pressure is higher, both by continuous irrigation and flushing regularly, flushing water spewing water cannons, joint cutting on the surface of the bellows, light person produce line indentation, the person that weigh will separate membrane box, bellows damage, caused the dual flange level gauge can't display. ( 3) Rinse water joint transmitter manufacturers provide flushing water joint leakage, during the running of the gasifier, such as vibration, corrosion and heat bilges cold shrink, easy to cause loose connection, from leaking, need to deal with the daily fastening. But the joint between measurement bellows device and process flange, the space is little not easy to tighten, according to the actual situation extended joint size, easy to tighten. Because the system run for a long period of joint corrosion at the same time, the intensity is reduced, sometimes appear rupture phenomenon, and because of poor measurement medium, connected to the gasifier process root valve generally cannot be completely shut down, resulting in a large number of high temperature blackwater leakage was forced to stop processing. Therefore, every time for the gasifier check, to inspect the flusher, handle in time when problems found. ( 4) Bellows corrosion bellows material generally is 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel corrosion resistant performance is good, mainly because on the surface of stainless steel form invisible oxidation film, the passive state. The formation of the passivation film is stainless steel exposed to react with oxygen in the atmosphere, or the result of contact with the other oxygenated environment. If the passivation film is destroyed, the stainless steel material will continue to be corrosion. In many cases, the only local destruction in the metal surface passivation membrane, the formation of tiny hole or pit, produce irregular distribution of small pit corrosion, long time will cause leakage. Blackwater entraining containing Cl - at the same time Ion, etc. , pitting corrosion at 270 ℃ temperature, easy to cause the bellows corrosion leakage. ( 5) Bellows hydrogen embrittlement gasifier contains H2, under high temperature and high pressure, easy to cause hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon. The permeability of H2 is not corrosive medium, but has a strong. Hydrogen molecules is very small, will enter inside the crystal lattice of metal, metal bubble, also called & other; Hydrogen embrittlement & throughout; ( Different metals due to its inner structure is different, the hydrogen embrittlement phenomena are different) 。 Transducer sensor diaphragm thickness is about 0. 1 mm, serious can cause diaphragm rupture. Material for hartz alloy or 316 l diaphragm is very prone to permeate, produce rupture. ( 6) High temperature and vacuum environment in the gasifier oven stage, starts the lead extractor make reaches a certain negative pressure inside the gasifier. The transmitter inside the bellows in the vacuum state. In the transmitter, in order to transfer the pressure of the measured medium, the filling medium small expansion coefficient, non-corrosive, has the property of incompressibility and resistance to high temperature. Its isolation diaphragm has corrosion resistance and stiffness is small, the transmitter, the environment of high temperature fluorine oil volume expansion happens, creates additional pressure, expansion far eastone isolation diaphragm deformation occurred. Plus vacuum environment, protrude far eastone isolation diaphragm, diaphragm deformation measurement, affect the normal use of the transmitter.
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