Briefly describes the development prospect and trend of pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-15
Pressure, differential pressure transmitter is a primary class of process variables in the transmitter, using scale is very wide, besides can be used for pressure, differential pressure, flow, liquid level, measurement mechanism can also be used for to points, the most commonly used are capacitive, inductive, dispersed silicon, vibrating string type, etc. In addition to the kiln head is used to test the accuracy of the negative pressure of DR type differential pressure transmitter is 0. Others, mostly 0 5%. 25%, its characteristic is to use 4 ma ~ 20 ma transmission imitation appearance, appeared on the header is pointer type, at the mercy of range than in the country, stability for 6 months, this is the first generation to imitate transmitter. The second generation product is intelligent transmitter, the so-called: is the concept of intelligent sensor and transmitter is driven by a microprocessor, and self diagnosis and communication ability. Intelligent pressure transmitter manufacturers of equipment in addition to its high accuracy, 0. 1% ~ 0. 075%) In a wide range, ratio ( Maximum to 100:1) And high stability, 1 ~ 5 years) , it generally with HART protocol or production company, in the late goods with conjunction of FF fieldbus international standard or PROFIBUS - PA agreements, it appeared on the table to digital, also can use hand operator or in long-distance control system configuration, complete set distance or distance fixed transmitter configuration data. In the 21st century, the third generation transmitter! Digital intelligent transmitter and gradually into the people's horizon. Third generation transmitter because chose leading examination skills, to eliminate the scene of the moisture, dust and other bad environment's influence on the transducer measurement, the precision is higher, is said to be its accuracy is better than 0. 05%; Range step more fine, stability to reach more than 5 years; Communication protocol is more complete, the new transmitter also passed the safety certification, to ensure safe shutdown when technical conditions beyond the critical value. Because the second generation of transmitter to the satisfaction of cement plants to monitor the request, and the third generation of transducer price also is higher, so the author thought that the cement plant shoulds not be introduced. The development of the intelligent temperature transmitter, temperature transmitter is also a process variables are one of the first category, it is a process of measuring flow rate, density and other variables of one of the basic elements. According to on the development of temperature measurement has made great progress, it also promoted the process control in the field of industrial temperature transmitter of accuracy, reliability and repeatability of progress, together also contributed to the progress made of process quality control. So-called intelligent temperature transmitter skills refers to the temperature sensor and additional electronic components associated with a temperature transducer, it can complete set distance or distance fixed configuration data. Throughout most of the time of the temperature transmitter market and the use of the cement profession, the first three kinds of different goods intelligent temperature transmitter. From the perspective of use and capital, each kind of intelligent temperature transmitter has its advantages and disadvantages. 1, waterproof type temperature transmitter such temperature transmitter in general on the use of the function has a very high request in the transmitter, demanding situations, such as in the preheater and calciner, five preheater etc. This type of temperature transmitter is encapsulated in the seal housing, usually made of stainless steel and the shell is characterized by high precision, high reliability, good safety, prevent wind and rain, it is the first defect of quotation is higher. It are generally the scene with a header, site supervision, adjusting and configuration. 2, integrated temperature transmitter, this kind of temperature transmitter devices directly on the temperature sensor to the DIN of cohesion, its advantage is low device cost, small size, compatible with various types of temperature sensors. Because the temperature transmitter devices directly on the joint of temperature sensor, so the cohesion and sensor electrical wiring is very brief. Cement kiln system in addition to the position with high request, can choose integrated temperature transmitter, also can choose grinding system.
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