Briefly capacitance pressure transmitter design principle and components form

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-19
( 1) Capacitance pressure transmitter with the continuous improvement of production automation, pressure measurement can only on-site instruction has far cannot satisfy the need of production, can convert pressure into remote transmission of electrical signals of pressure transmitter has been more and more widely used, in order to focus on the production testing and control. The current commonly used capacitance pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter diffusion silicon pressure transmitter type two kinds big. Figure 2 & ndash; 13 for capacitance pressure transmitter. Capacitance pressure transmitter is the measured pressure by elastic element displacement into the change of capacitance, and by detecting and amplifying circuit of capacitance will change into 4 ~ 20 ma dc current signal. Capacitance pressure transmitter is a pressure sensing part of the bellows, as shown in figure 2 ~ 14, bellows with isolation diaphragm seal, in its internal filled with silicone oil. Rigid insulation layer inside concave spherical shape metal as fixed electrode, middle clamping the elasticity of the flat diaphragm ( Measuring diaphragm) As a movable electrode, forming two capacitors. When measured pressure change, the effect of pressure on both sides of the isolated patch, by silicone oil displacement produced by the pressure to make elastic diaphragm, a cop pressure increases, the movable plate will be near to the low voltage side, measure the diaphragm displacement and change the distance between the plates, thus cause the change of on both sides of the capacitor capacitance, measure the corresponding capacitance change, translates into 4 ~ 20 ma standard direct current signal output, measured pressure value is known. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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