Vortex precession flowmeter selection conditions and instrument installation should pay attention to 13 points

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-16
Precession vortex gas meter adopting new micro processing technology, has the function of strong, wide flow rate range, simple operation and maintenance, and convenient to install and use etc, and the main technical indexes reach the level of domestic similar products. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal, etc all kinds of gas, liquid measurement. 1 a, precession vortex gas flowmeter selection background. Orifice flowmeter in certain situation cannot meet the basic measurement requirements, users started using vortex precession flowmeter. At the scene of the gas flow metering, often there are some special user, main show is: the instantaneous flow smaller or flow volatility is larger. If in this case still use the traditional orifice flowmeter in flow measurement, then it is likely to violate the provisions of the relevant technical standards. For example, requirements & quot; Pipe flow should not change over time, or in fact only a small and a slow change over time & quot; For the flange to take pressure of orifice meter and requirements & other; 红色≥ 1260 2 D” Etc. , once beyond the use of these basic conditions, the measuring accuracy of orifice flowmeter is impossible; In addition, in this particular case, to display instrument of matching with the thing is, if the match is improper, so instructions or record is indicating error is inevitable. 2. Strict control of production and management cost is the urgent requirement of modern enterprise survival development. Today, companies county in experiencing severe the baptism of the market, the production cost would be combats the survival of the enterprise, therefore, under the precondition of satisfy the basic requirements of the flowmeter, choose to save static investment and reduce the dynamic cost of new measuring instrument is also on the agenda on policymakers. Second, the precession vortex gas meter instrument characteristics comparing with the traditional orifice meter, intelligent vortex precession flowmeter has the following main features: 1. Implements the mechanical and electrical integration, daily measurement process does not need artificial unattended; 2. Installation conditions is not strict, straight pipe upstream or downstream instrument can greatly shorten the orifice flowmeter; 3. System of measurement accuracy can meet the requirements of the current measurement of trade ( ≤ 2%) ” > ; 4. The flow measurement range is wide, q max /q min =15~20" > ) , can be in orifice meter cannot be involved in part of the small flow area to work effectively; 5. Small volume, light weight, offline calibration more convenient; 6. Measuring signals as well as local display, also can be on-demand far eastone; 7. No moving parts, so for the average measurement is no mechanical wear and tear of the instrument; 8. Instrument management personnel do not need to * * training, flow, pressure and temperature measurement parameters, such as can be read directly from the header and don't have to translate transformation; 9. Only regular replacement of precession vortex flowmeter cell ( Micro power consumption) ” > And the parameters of the measured medium. Three, intelligent vortex precession flowmeter installation considerations include the following 13 aspects. According to the flow mark 1, intelligent vortex precession flowmeter can be tilted in vertical, horizontal, or any installation position. 2, when the pipeline vibration source is longer or distance is relatively close, support should be installed at upstream or downstream of flowmeter, to eliminate the influence of the pipeline vibration. 3, intelligent vortex precession flowmeter installation location should have enough space, so that the flow meter inspection and maintenance, and the flowmeter to meet the environmental requirements. 4, strong magnetic field interference should avoid the outside world. 5, when used in outdoor installation, should have cover, avoid the strong sunlight and rain erosion, affect the service life of the instrument. 6, when the pipeline pressure testing, should pay attention to the configured intelligent vortex precession flowmeter pressure sensor pressure measurement range, in order to avoid over-voltage damage pressure sensor. Installed 7, should pay attention to stress, the effect of upstream and downstream piping flow meter should be coaxial, otherwise it will produce shear stress. The location of the installation flowmeter should consider the thickness of the sealing gasket, or install a elastic expansion joints in the downstream side. Should be clear before 8, installation flow meter of the pipeline welding slag and other sundry. 9 and put into operation, should slowly open flowmeter upstream or downstream of the valve, in order to avoid air flow is too sharp and blunt bad on the moment. 10, when the meter requires signal remote transmission, should be strictly in accordance with & other; Electrical performance & throughout; Request access to external power ( 8 ~ 24) VDC, forbidden in direct access to 220 vac or 380 vac signal output power supply. 11, the user may not change the connection mode of explosion protection system and arbitrary twisted each output pin connector. 12, intelligent vortex precession flowmeter is run, not allowed to open the rear cover change instrument parameters, or affect the normal work of the flowmeter. 13, regularly check the flowmeter flange leakage situation. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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