The theory of pressure transmitter in the actual role of secondary water supply industry

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-04
To avoid affecting water, urban residents in the urban pipeline service life and production, negative pressure pipeline installation or directly using the pressure pump is not allowed. Pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer pointed out: it doesn't need to use the limit pressure piping system. In order to solve the problem of water supply equipment, urban water supply no negative pressure can access. When municipal pipeline under certain pressure of tap into the control box, air through vacuum cleaner into the stable pressure compensation cases. Constant pressure pump station adopts many sets of pump and motor, according to the running water, so a single pump engine power is not big, maintenance system, there is a stop pump without a stop. Engine speed controlled by frequency converter, so as to meet the needs of different water consumption. Pressure transmitter is negative pressure water supply equipment and frequency conversion constant pressure equipment of one of the largest accessories. From long range pressure gauge upgraded to a pressure sensor. The original distance gauge not only make the whole water supply system is not stable, and requires frequent replacement. Rising cost of after-sale service, therefore, the use of pressure sensor is not like a water supply system to solve easily; The problem of the water supply can also reduce the cost of water supply. Installed in the high sensitivity of water supply pipe net pressure switch and pressure sensor, the changes in water supply, change the water supply pipe network pressure, and will change the signal is sent to the microcomputer continuously. Constant pressure water supply pipe network, to meet user needs. In fact, according to the output signal and the pressure transmitter amplifier is installed in the body can be divided into the pressure sensor and pressure transmitter, at the same time, can according to the measurement of corrosive medium and adapt to bad environment, and can be divided into general type and isolation type. According to different signals, can be classified into current type pressure sensor: for 4 - commonly 20 ma, voltage signal type pressure sensor: 0 12 v. Katie is a professional supplier of secondary water supply pressure transmitter, the product sells in distant markets at home and abroad, with several water supply equipment manufacturer established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation. The negative pressure water supply equipment, frequency conversion water supply equipment, constant pressure water supply equipment, secondary water supply equipment, single pump frequency conversion equipment, intelligent pump house, city pipeline pump station and other secondary water supply manufacturers of waterproof requirement, our products with advanced technology, compact structure, reliable quality, adapt to the environment, welcome to discuss cooperation!
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