The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes and tested periodically

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-22
Line intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter for the high precision of overall testing instrument, have not other types of flow meters has many advantages, such as not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and the harm of conductivity changes; Accurate measurement without blocking the tube outer liquid component, no pressure loss, low to take over the period of rules; There are various controller lining and metal electrode selection; Converter chooses novel excitation regulator method, low power, zero smoothly and high precision. Thus obtained widespread use in industrial production, together for the accurate measurement of all kinds of different material and different standards, the precise measurement of the load in the blend in different material and different types of electromagnetic flowmeter natural environment, such as rechargeable battery power supply system, anti-corrosion type, immersion type electromagnetic flowmeter. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter if accurate measurement of material long-term more filth, so electromagnetic flowmeter in work after period of time, electrical level nine cause fouling. When the conductivity of the fouling chemicals and the conductivity of the material being tested are not together, can produce measurement deviation. Sludge, oily be soiled of electrode adhesive, also can make the dashboard output produces shaking and drift. Therefore, in this case they must each quarter of electromagnetic flowmeter electric level to carry out the maintenance and cleaning. 1, environmental pollution, inorganic compounds can be 0 electric level. 5 mol/L dilute hydrochloric acid in 30 minutes, with clear pure water, infiltration 3 again. 6 mol/L potassium chloride solution covered 6 hours after application. 2, 4% hf aqueous solution at 3 ~ 5 s, remove with clean water washing, then in 0. 5 mol/L covered in hydrochloric acid solution for several hours, clean and tidy, with purified water calibration. 3, platinum air environment pollution is more serious surface oxidation film, can use whitening toothpaste for platinum or gold surface for fine polishing, then use clean water clean, infiltration 3 again. 6 mol/L potassium chloride solution covered 6 hours after application. 4, for organic chemical grease and oil pollution, use detergent to clean up platinum or gold surface after cleaning with purified water, infiltration 3 again. 6 mol/L potassium chloride solution covered 6 hours after use. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter five inspection: 1. Electrical contact resistance level. Precise measuring electric level teaspoons of liquid touching resistance, can not from line removing the heat meter and Jane after evaluation of the electric level and general idea lining layer of surface layer, is helpful to analyze the common failure reason. 2. The voltage of electric polarization work electric level. Accurate measurement electric level between the liquid and electric polarization voltage will be beneficial to distinguish between 0 point of high and low output or shaking is common faults because electric level was caused by the pollution of the environment or cover. 2 v dc gear with digital multimeter, self-test two electrical level with the ground in the middle of the working voltage (electric polarization Electromagnetic flowmeter can constantly electric logging, the system can be power measurement) 。 If two precise measurements close to basically the same, that power level is not pollution of the environment or covered. Electric polarization voltage size decision on metal electrodes and other Electrode potential & throughout; And liquid properties, accurate measurements will be among the few to several hundred mV mV. Because two electrical level is in fact the operation environment pollution is not the same symmetry, so both the working voltage of electric level produced different common mode voltage. Is not the same as the common mode voltage becomes poor modulus according to the signal, lead to zero offset. 3. Pipeline stray current flow. Sometimes comes to look for pipeline stray interference sources in the upstream and downstream or in the middle and lower reaches of the heat meter, with smaller search category, look for ways to reduce or remove stray electric flow dry scratching. 4 shielded cable dry deflection measurement. Shielded cable external electrostatic induction and electromagnetic dry scratching can make electromagnetic flowmeter zero change. To distinguish between zero change is because the shielded cable dry flinch potential difference, need to measure the dry scratching general category and the harm of electromagnetic flowmeter. 5 did measuring grounding device potential difference. Electromagnetic induction traffic juice in the normal application process, such as the controller peripheral motor ( Force) Shift ( Such as ZouDian) Potential difference, the grounding device will cause the change and the change of zero. Check whether have this line of harm, can converter working earthing terminal and earthing protection C G terminal short circuit fault, with 0 point ( Or mark value) Change resolution for grounding device potential difference.
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