The flow measurement method and instrument selection consideration

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-07
Will be used in industrial production process of a large number of the instrument, whether it be a dial thermometer, or a tube type level gauge, or the use of intelligent PCLS module for digital processing of electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, etc. , all need to choose to install according to the requirements of the specific conditions to form a complete set, we only have the selection stage, there is a right approach to correctly in production equipment can stable after need correct data in the output production, through a large number of telephone counseling services, due to the large upfront caused by wrong data access, error value beyond the system requirements of production, or the instrument barely use greatly shorten the service life, increase production costs, and so on and so forth, so we said of the choice of measurement methods and the correct selection of process instruments is a very important thing, a bit cannot careless. There are many different kinds of flow measurement method and the instrument and its classification method also. According to the measured object is divided into closed pipes with and open channel with two kinds big. According to the purpose and can be divided into the total measurement and flow measurement, the instrument called total table and flow meter, respectively. According to the measurement principle is divided into mechanical original principle, principle of thermal and acoustic, electrical principle, principle of atomic physics, etc. In this paper in the production of some of the common elements has carried on the induction and summary, in this share with everyone, hope to help friends work. Embellish of instrument science and technology company also sincerely hope to have a friend needs to cooperate with us, we will continue to provide you with dedicated service. 1. Consideration and selection steps to correctly and effectively select flow measurement and instrumentation, must be familiar with the two aspects of fluid properties and instrument object, as shown in figure 1 should also be considered double box five factors and selection process. 1. Validation is not really required to install the flow meter if you just want to know whether fluid flow in the pipeline or about traffic, so choose flow peep window ( 流的景象) Or flow indicator ( 流量指示器) Just to be able to achieve a goal at a relatively low cost. 1. 2 primary measuring method and instrument must be installed after the flow meter, * take the deduction according to the fluid property in the first primary method of abandoned cannot and should not be used on table, and then choose some measurement scheme, as the second step in-depth consideration and analysis. The flow measurement method and instrument table (primary Click to view the preliminary selection table) 1. 3 analysis of the factors according to the primary solution to the instrument and meter plant for samples, technical data, choose manual or instruction manual, etc. , fully understand the instrument performance specification, then respectively according to the five aspects of problems one by one analysis, compare list. 2. 6 linearity flow meter output is linear and nonlinear two kinds. Most of the nonlinear error of flow meter is not singled out, included in the basic error. For wide flow range pulse output is used as the total amount of integrating instrument, linearity is an important index, can use a meter constant. Linearity error will reduce the meter accuracy. For pipe flow ratio, heat meter with temperature difference and flow rate multiplication, and flow together, should choose linear output instrument, in order to simplify the calculation process. 2. 7 limit traffic flow range limit flow is also called the temperature. Should be used according to the measured pipe flow range and the maximum flow and lower limit flow of proposed instrument to matching meter diameter, rather than simply press the pipe size. Although usually pipe fluid flow velocity by the economic flow velocity, Such as the low viscosity fluid such as water to 1. 5~3m/s) To design, and most of the traffic flow velocity is close to or slightly higher than the upper limit value of the instrument piping economic flow velocity, so the meter diameter and diameter of the same opportunity more choice. But for the production capacity is increased by engineering design, pipeline often according to full capacity design, the early running through put small, relatively small diameter should be installed according to the flow meter to adapt. Otherwise the meter running near a minimum flow to increase the economic loss measurement error, can greatly exceeds the cost of the modified instrument. The same caliber different types of flow velocity of upper limit value of the instrument is constrained by the working principle and structure, the difference is very big.
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