The cause of the pressure transmitter is leaking

by:KAIDI     2021-02-09
Pressure transmitter lead to leakage of key has two levels: not only in transformer design and manufacturing process in the whole process of ambush; At the same time because is caused by poor installation and maintenance. Key leakage location is often in the heat pipe radiator socket, plan disc valve bonnet, waterproof casing, porcelain, welding, sand hole, flange, etc. 1, in and out of gas, and gas is a way can't see the leakage. Such as waterproof casing on safety, storage tank, the diaphragm trachea sandwich glass, stainless steel sheet welding of sand hole and its position such as sand inclusion and gas is invisible to the full. For many years, the power supply system is the key to most malignant accident was due to the transformer winding burn accidents and bottom pressure value of short-circuit fault body is badly damaged. 2, leaking oil classification: pressure transmitter is leaking oil can be divided into two, internal leakage and the leakage and the leakage can be divided into welding water and surface water two. ( 1) Internal leakage. Within the most extensive is oil filled waterproof casing leakage of oil and its switch on-load transformer equipment leaking oil chamber of the oil to the transformer itself. ( 2) The leakage. The leakage into welding leakage and the surface of the sudden leakage of two kinds: welding is leaking. Welding leakage because of the thick plate welding welding position have sand hole. Surface water. Surface leakage condition is very complex, to the main problems in-depth analysis. In the pressure transmitter repair or installation process should be to avoid surface water as the key work.
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