The advantages of the inputting type liquid level transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-20
1. Installation is simple, easy to use, interchange ability. 2. Suitable for the liquid level of liquid in the container medium interface, measurement. In addition to the instructions, also can match remote transmitter, switch, detection alarm function is complete. 3. Indicates a novel, intuitive reading and eye-catching, observing the direction of the indicator can be based on user need to change the point of view. 4. Large measuring range, from the storage tank height restrictions. 5. Indicating device and is completely isolated measured medium, good sealing, high reliability, the use of safe. 6. High quality sensor of high sensitivity, fast response, accurately reflect the flow changes or static liquid surface, high measurement accuracy. 7. Safety explosion protection and isolation of ability, can be applied to all kinds of dangerous sites. 8. With anti blocking design can be realized to paste medium level measurement. 9. 100% equal scale, LED, LCD, three instructions header, the reading is very convenient. 10. 4 ~ 20 madc two wire signal transmission, strong anti-jamming capability, long transmission distance. 11. Fine unique zero, full range, nonlinear compensation, guarantee conditions of use within the scope of the precision, good stability for a long time. 12. Pressure sensor sensing liquid level pressure directly, not affected by medium blister, deposition. 13. Use widely measured medium, measurable oil, water and compatible with 316 stainless steel paste, have certain ability of corrosion. Input type liquid level transmitter is based on the measured liquid the principle of static pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid, the diffused silicon piezoresistive effect of sensitive element, the static pressure into electrical signals. After temperature compensation and the linear correction. Is transformed into 4 - 20 madc standard current signal output. Input type level gauge sensor part can be directly into the liquid, transmitter part available flange or bracket, convenient in installation.
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