Pipeline several cases where the liquid medium electromagnetic flowmeter can't measure

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-16
Electromagnetic flow meter because of its unique advantages is widely applied in various fields, with the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology, all kinds of new digital intelligent system in the product of form a complete set of application, the electromagnetic flowmeter to measure medium also will increase, measurement precision has been improved. Both in the domestic market and in the domestic industry applications, because the electromagnetic flowmeter product has a very wide range of adaptability, so electromagnetic flowmeter has become a very important instrument types, and in the industry occupies an irreplaceable position in the market. About it and today we can't measure the three cases of fluid were introduced simply. I hope you have a deeper understanding for it. Electromagnetic flowmeter tube liquid underfill is actually the full line measurement for the type of measuring instrument, can cause inaccurate measurement, such as ultrasonic flowmeter due to lack of back pressure or flow sensor installation position, the electromagnetic flowmeter measurement tube filled with liquid to level of failure phenomenon due to not full and flow conditions have different performance. If a small amount of gas in pipe duct in stratified flow and wave flow, fault phenomenon characterized by error increases, the flow measurement values do not tally with the actual value; If flow is the flow of air bubbles or plug flow, fault phenomenon in addition to the measured values do not tally with the actual value, will be output by gas phase instantaneous covered electrode surface rock; If the gas phase stratified flow in horizontal pipeline flow cross-section part increases, the liquid under the degree of pipe increases, also can appear the output, if the liquid under line situation is serious, so that the electrode surface is below the output will appear super full phenomenon, lead to measurement cannot work place. Electromagnetic flowmeter to measure liquid containing solid phase or fiber such as solid, powder, particle in the possible fault; Serous noise; With the electrode surface; Insulation sediments or sedimentary cover or lining electrode, the electrode can't work; Lining is wear or covered by sediment, narrow flow cross-section. Medium contains the component of crystallizable electromagnetic flowmeter measurement possible crystallization of liquid must be careful; Some easy crystallization chemical material under the condition of normal temperature, can also use the electromagnetic flowmeter to measure, but as a result of transmission fluid pipe has good thermal insulation, the insulation not crystallization at work, but difficult to implement electromagnetic flow sensor measurement of tube, thermal insulation, therefore, when the fluid flows through the measuring tube is caused by cooling wall in a layer of solids. To lower the degree of insulation lining, is the low degree of electrode insulation, electromagnetic flowmeter, its main function is to protect the lining of the electrode, electrode insulation level is low, flow meter will appear a variety of phenomena, including common is flow meter display value will be volatile, unstable, cause error is large, the measured data without any reference value. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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