New intelligent automation instrumentation level evaluation standard began in March

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-26
Automation instrument according to the present market variety, all kinds of pressure transmitter liquid level transmitter, etc. , different instruments in intelligent direction difference is very big, instruments and meters with the amount or type of intelligence features of different market is difficult to form a unified intelligent evaluation standard. Aiming at this problem, Shanghai instrument and meter industry association to make the 'intelligent industrial automation instrumentation level evaluation standard' group standard, and on March 1. The standard put forward by Shanghai instrumentation industry association and focal points. 'Specification' will be starting from the existing technical level and application status, combined with intelligent features of adaptive, self correction, since the memory capacity properties and perception and memory, monitoring and diagnosis, adaptation and optimization functions such as dimension to carry out the intelligent level of quantitative evaluation. At the same time, the specification is also pointed out that: & other; This standard is mainly engaged in intelligent building a kind of intelligent instrument and meter level evaluation method, considering the diversity and complexity, intelligent instrument and meter only evaluation of this standard or open to the user associated with the application of intelligent features, regardless of the manufacturer for private use or is not open to the user's intelligence features. ” Kaidi as shandong pressure transmitter manufacturers, the company also for the future development of intelligent pressure transmitter, smart pressure transmitter has become main products company, intelligent transmitter become the development trend of the future.
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