Jet lag type pipeline practical application of liquid ultrasonic flowmeter and the case

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-16
One, in this paper, in recent years, all kinds of instruments and meters related measurement technology development, in which liquid ultrasonic flowmeter performance is outstanding, liquid equipment research and development and the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement field in the further development of continuously, make the technology in the future of human production and living has a broad prospect of application of liquid ultrasonic flowmeter is gradually replace the traditional volumetric and turbine flowmeter, become the latest must-haves in the trade transition and process measurement. Domestic high-end market is still the domestic brands in the world, but with the increase of the domestic research and development technology and for this technology, also produced many meet the high-end application field of products, multichannel tube sections of liquid ultrasonic flowmeter in domestic product oil and crude oil trade transition has been a lot of successful application cases. For example, in cnooc bohai LVDA27 - 2 assignments section, cnooc Iraq maysan oil block transmission measurement, cnooc - SAN tin LF7 - oil cooperation platform The transmission of 2 have been successful in measuring pry putting-in-service proactively. Only from the technical level to observe, because multichannel try liquid pipe ultrasonic flowmeter in heavy traffic and large diameter measurement of obvious advantages, have no moving parts, no additional pressure loss, and it has perfect self diagnosis function, convenient and quick in-line maintenance etc, in the traditional volumetric and turbine flowmeter are unable to realize, and its more than other types of liquid flow meter range wide, so it gradually applied in liquid hydrocarbon trade trend is very obvious. Second, liquid working principle of the ultrasonic flowmeter and the test difficulty measuring principle of ultrasonic flowmeter is based on time difference method, namely when the ultrasonic wave propagation in a medium, will take fluid information, even between acoustic signal propagation time of small changes, the change of time is proportional to the velocity. Multichannel liquid ultrasonic flowmeter is time by measuring the propagation time difference on different channel measurement and calculation. According to API 5. Eight chapters, the ultrasonic flowmeter is different from traditional volumetric flowmeter and the turbine flow meter, it is to rely on indirect measurement of electronic chip and sent abroad, calculation of the pulse that for artificial & other; Manufacturing & throughout; The pulse (related to traffic Frequency) , because the flow pulse and serial signal is obtained from calculation, so the output signal will lag behind the fluid characteristics, and with the processing of data transformation, the pulse signal is likely to lag behind the serial data signal.
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