For electromagnetic flowmeter in sewage treatment, etc. The design and application of automation instrument

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-09
Water as a human important raw materials for production and daily necessities of life, with the acceleration of China's industrialization process, are suffering unprecedented destruction, water resources protection and processing into the urgent situation. For water pollution mainly comes from the emissions, industrial water and all kinds of production and living in the city sewage discharge. For the governance of water pollution, for the protection of water resources, the voice of the masses not only is more and more big, the government level is becoming more and more attention, more efforts to the input. Meanwhile, for the operation of each kind of sewage treatment equipment, for sewage treatment monitoring of water quality and quantity, the effect of the process for handling and so on requirements also more and more high, this gives the electromagnetic flowmeter in sewage treatment and other automation instrument whether by design or application are put forward more and newer demands. 1, the role of automation instrument in sewage treatment from the point of the current situation of sewage treatment, many have chosen are a combination of multiple processes, and, in turn, made from sewage pollution index decreased, but no matter choose is the way and process, in the course of processing, actually will have a lot of parameters, such as temperature, pressure, flow and liquid level need to be tested. The use of traditional manual monitoring parameters, not only can greatly increase the workload of staff, but also can lead to detection time extended, but the aeration amount of sewage and oxygen is an important measure to ensure the quality of sewage treatment, and the use of detection instrument to get various process parameters, make its can each of the components in the system, and to coordinate the relationship between technology, to control the equipment. So make sure these important indicators can be real-time monitoring, can very good adjusted for a variety of process equipment and control system, and the function of the full and effective use of equipment, to promote sewage treatment effect. In addition, the automation instrument for wastewater treatment process, not only has not a substitute for guidance function, and to monitor a number of technology, process and report to the police, ensure the equipment and the production safety, and to provide appropriate management institutions detection index. Thus, in sewage treatment, automation instrument has very important function, is the precondition of automation control and the use of computer control, to ensure the reliability of the sewage treatment work up and running safety. 2, more common in the sewage treatment instrument type from the point of the automation instrument of sewage treatment in common, mainly can be divided into two different types, respectively is the thermal meter and the composition analysis instrument. From the point of thermal meter, mainly physical testing instrument, including pressure gauge table, temperature instrument and liquid level and flow rate testing instrument, etc. ; And from the point of thermal meter, mainly consists of three parts, respectively is part, including sensors, measuring element, the middle part of transport and transform into other shows part of the signal. In sewage treatment process, composition analysis instrument is usually called water quality analysis instruments, such as online BOD and COD meter and dissolved oxygen meter, etc. , its main characteristic is diversified forms, and strong specificity, however any composition analyzer, the applicable scope are often limited to analyze a medium ingredients. 3, in the sewage disposal automation instrument selection should follow the principle of the automation instrument to carry on the design of wastewater treatment process, want to consider many factors, not only should consider automation instrument analysis and sampling is representative, should also consider the automation control system has the stability in operation, to ensure that in the sewage treatment in the process of safe operation, to promote sewage treatment of the water quality in the process of ascension. So, in the process of sewage disposal of automation instrument to carry on the design and type selection, should follow certain principles. * first, try to choose those who can stable operation, convenient maintenance, intelligent operation and has high measurement precision instrument, and then reduce the difficulty of the instrument management and operation. Second, in the selection of sewage treatment process in application of automation instrument, in addition to considering whether can stable operation, but also consider whether to operate easily, and whether the economic, energy saving, cost and high cost performance, enabling the sewage treatment cost reduction, ensure the sewage treatment can maintain the stability of the process. Again, because in the sewage processing environment is bad, not only in the open air is measured, is often measured in the underground and sewage, so the instrument is very strict, so the selection of sewage disposal automation instrument, want to combine instrument ideal operating environment for selected, ensure the possibility of measuring instrument malfunctions in the environment is low, service life is longer than the other. After also considering in a special environment, more attention should be paid to special functions of automation instrument. For example, if the sewage treatment plant in a minefield, then chooses the automation instrument, will have the function of the lightning protection, to some extent at the same time and the grounding device to connect, to ensure the safe operation of the instrument can; And the mud with higher methane concentration area for installation of automation instrument, to choose the strong reliability of instrument with explosion protection system, prevent the equipment run time appear due to the influence of methane explosion, resulting in economic losses caused by wastewater treatment plant.
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