Radar level gauge and the difference between the guided wave radar level gauge

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-29
Principle of radar level gauge launch & ndash; Reflection & ndash; Receive is the basic working principle of radar level gauge. Antenna of radar sensor in the form of beam transmitting electromagnetic wave signal, the reflection in the material being tested surface reflection, the echo signal reflected by the antenna. Every bit of emission and the reflected beam by ultrasonic sampling methods for collection. Signal after intelligent processor treatment medium and the distance between the probe and the terminal display for display, alarm and operation, etc. The most obvious feature of the characteristic of radar level gauge is noticeable efficacy in harsh conditions. Toxic medium, and corrosive medium, whether solid, liquid or powder, slurry medium, it can be measured. In terms of measurement, has the following characteristics: 1, for accurately measuring radar level gauge probe surface without contact with the media, is a non-contact measurement, can measure accurately and rapidly the different media. Probe is hardly affected by temperature, pressure, gas, etc, 500 ℃ when the impact is only 0. 0 018%, 50 bar. 8%) 。 2, 3 for interference echo suppression function, accurate safety to save energy radar level meter using chemical and machinery are fairly stable, the material and the material can be recycled, environmental effect extremely. 4, do not need to maintenance and reliability of microwave almost without interference, do not contact directly with measured medium, almost can be applied to various occasions, such as vacuum, level measurement, or material level measurement, etc. Due to the use of advanced materials, the situation is extremely complex chemical, physical condition is very durable, it can provide accurate and reliable, long-term stability of the analog or digital level signal. 5, easy maintenance, simple operation radar level gauge has a fault alarm and self-diagnosis function. According to operation module prompt error code analysis of fault, fault shall be ruled out in time, make the maintenance correction is more convenient and accurate, and ensure the normal operation of the instrument. 6, the applicable scope is wide, almost all medium can be measured from the groove shape of tank, radar level gauge of spherical tank, lie the tank and cylindrical tank, cylindrical tank liquid level measurement, such as vertebral bodies; From the functions of tank, storage tank can be, buffer tank, microwave tube, the liquid level measurement in by-pass pipe; From the measured medium, the liquid, granules, such as slurry can be measured. Summary on the whole, is the radar level meter using range is wide, is the contact way of measurement. Good material, low failure rate. However, the price is really not cheap! Guided wave radar level meter principle guided wave radar level meter is the measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel, radar wave run at the speed of light, running time can be transformed into material level signal by electronic parts. Probe a high-frequency pulse and probe spread along the cable type, when the pulse in the material surface reflected by the receiver inside the instrument, and the distance signal is transformed into material level signal. Characteristics 1, steam and foam has a strong inhibition, measurement is not affected; 2, not affected by the liquid density, degree of loose solid materials, the influence of temperature, when feeding the dust; 3, low maintenance, high performance, high precision, high reliability, long service life. Is there the difference? Contact a different difference between radar level gauge is contact, waveguide type level gauge is contact. That is to say, requiring higher levels in food, can't use the guiding type. Medium in different working condition difference between three type guided wave radar level gauge more corrosion resistance and adhesion of the medium, and long guided wave radar installation and maintenance more difficult. The operation condition of the low dielectric constant, regardless of the radar or guided wave radar measurement principle is based on the dielectric permittivity difference, due to the launch of ordinary radar wave is divergent, when the dielectric constant of the medium is too low, the signal is too weak to measure is not stable, and is guided wave radar wave propagation along the wave guide rod signal is relatively stable, generally at the bottom of the guided wave radar and other detection function, can according to the bottom of the echo signal could be revised measurements, the signal is more stable and accurate. Selection have different difference between four common radar can be used interchangeably, and because the guided wave radar wave guide rod ( Cable) Fixed length according to the original condition, usually cannot be used interchangeably, affected by the selection of guided wave radar trouble than normal radar. Five common radar measurement range difference between different tanks on 30, 40 m applications are common, and even to 60 m can be obtained. Guided wave radar to consider wave guide rod ( Cable) Force, but also because of the stress of guided wave radar is commonly used in measuring distance won't be long. Guided wave radar, but in some special conditions have obvious advantages, such as mixing tank, medium to large fluctuations, such conditions with fixed at the bottom of the guided wave radar measured values than alternative stable; There are small tank level measurement, due to the installation of measuring the space is little, Or tank of distractors more) , generally does not apply to ordinary radar, the guided wave radar are evident advantages.
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