How to effectively solve the 'big diameter small flow' and reducing vortex street flowmeter application solutions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-03
Pipe production technology in many industrial and mining enterprises, there are a lot of actual flow or pipe fluid flow rate is low, the production of this kind of situation, generally for the following reasons: one is to reduce the fluid velocity, can effectively reduce the pressure loss of fluid flow, reduce the drive power, & middot; To save energy; 2 it is to think about the future development needs, expand production scale, in the beginning of design for the future of expansion for the surplus space, process piping design to a few bigger; Three is some pipe work pressure is higher, although traffic not small, but the velocity is low. As a result of these and other Big diameter small flow & throughout; Or & other Large diameter low velocity & throughout; The existence of bring speed flowmeter selection problem. An enterprise, a 12 water pipeline, the original installation of orifice meter and industrial meter, because the traffic is too small for two kinds of instrument almost no instructions. The field to verify water equipment, several sets of water equipment of large water consumption, the sum of less than 80 m3 / h, and small flow only 18 m3 / h. The lower limit of large flow, 12 meter velocity less than 0. 1m/s 。 Therefore, suggest to shrink tube of the process piping, 12 pipe reducing into DN100, choose DN100 vortex flowmeter. After installation, satisfy the limit of the water, and meet the lower limit of water. And as a production of hv porcelain furnace, gas temperature stage need quantity of 1200 nm3 / h ( 101. 325kPa, 20 ℃) Heat preservation stage need gas 150 nm3 / h, measuring the diameter of DN80 main, working pressure of 0. 3 mpa, the temperature is 25 ℃. The original selection of orifice meter, because the flow range can not meet the requirements, re-election in vortex flowmeter. Choose table, with the working condition of the gas equation for converting the state traffic to flow, working flow range is 38 after conversion. 5-308 m3 / h, within the scope of the flow rate according to the original process piping choose N80 vortex flowmeter, cap is no problem, but the lower limit will not be able to meet the requirements. While the vortex flowmeter, if choose (on, minimum flow can meet the requirements. Practice, the shrink tube (instead, the effect is very good. Although the characteristics of vortex street flowmeter has a wide range, but it's lower limit velocity can't too low. In general, when measuring the liquid limit velocity is zero. 3 a 0. 5m/s ; And when measuring gas threshold velocity of 3 a 5 m/s. A lot of field, process piping in low velocity is far less than the above numerical. To meet the requirements of measurement, it need a shrink tube on the scene of the process piping. The scene of the similar problems abound, shrink tube can effectively solve the problem of the actual flow measurement. But shrink tubing also add trouble to customers, some customers have no ready-made pipeline, to buy a suitable pipe need to spend a lot of energy, and increased workload and installation costs. If the factory according to the customer provides the flow parameter, directly to customers provide reducing type vortex flowmeter. For customers, can not only measure the rate of flow of smaller, and simplifies the installation, save the cost of installation. At the same time, for manufacturers, to provide customers the proper instrument, reduced the on-site service, customer satisfaction, improve the enterprise prestige. So, this is a good plan, a win-win choice. Adopts reducing method, to provide customers complete sets of vortex flowmeters, originated in the early 1990 s in China. According to the customer to provide the parameters, according to certain contract ratio, made with the contraction and expansion of vortex flow meter component, together with the contraction and expansion of the factory calibration, and provide the user with vortex street flowmeter coefficient of components of the instrument. Now make components directly into a one-piece instrument is a kind of progress. A DN40 vortex flowmeter, the experimental pipeline DN40 calibration, precision to meet 1%, range ratio of 8:1. And the instrument before add (- When meet 1% accuracy, range than to 15:1. The DN80 - (contraction and DN80 - DN40 contraction, respectively in the DN80 test experiments in the pipeline. In upstream choke a form for vortex flowmeter with plane two 900 elbow, straight pipe length is 3 d; Downstream straight pipe for a 2 d conditions, instrument coefficient K offset only 0. 7%. The same diameter of vortex flowmeter without contraction, on the same plane, under the condition of two elbow length of straight pipe upstream of 8 d, instrument coefficient of deviation of 2. 0%. Reducing type vortex flowmeter measurement tube and expansion is measured by the contraction section, grouped into three bowel, USES the linear contraction, effect and less vickers curve contraction effect is good, but the processing is simple, the cost is low. So, now use indentation section is more straight.
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