How to effectively avoid the bubbles generated in electromagnetic flow meter in the measurement noise

by:KAIDI     2021-01-28
Electromagnetic flowmeter can measure including acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids. Electromagnetic flowmeter in the steel industry cooling water in the measurement of false alarm is mostly by bubble brush electrode, forming a short time of the induction signal is zero, this is a kind of cavitation, we call this kind of fault for the bubble noise. To introduce the following bubble to avoid noise problem and solution. First of all, should be fitted to meet the requirements of electromagnetic flow meter length of straight pipe upstream, standard instrument installation, select the installation place away from direct heat, reasonable use of pipe flow rate, choosing high degree of finish of PFA fluorine plastic lining and high purity alumina ceramic tube. These measures will help to prevent or reduce the vortex and gas separation. That is to say, to improve manufacturing process, the improvement of sensor using the instrument environment and installation condition, adopt measures, such as instrument equipped with exhaust valve upstream could avoid the happening of the problem. Second, setting time and electromagnetic flowmeter damping function reasonably, can also solve a bubble noise measurement of false alarms. The timing of the damping is bubbling noise in according to the traffic signal pulse width is selected. General should take damping time for 3 ~ 5 times of the width of the bubble pulse noise. Such as bubble noise pulse width of 10 s, damping time should be take 30 ~ 50 s. Specific choice according to the requirements of control accuracy, three times the pulse width control error in 5%, five times the pulse width control accuracy is higher than 1%. Increase the damping time instrument can effectively solve the effect of the pulse type bubble noise, at the same time also brought the disadvantage of slow, namely when the real flow fluctuation, instrument response slowly. The sensitive control of cooling water system is a difficult problem. In order to solve this problem, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can use software logic is bulky error processing method. In appear this kind of failure, by adjusting the flow limit is not sensitive to time and changes in these two conditions is to determine changes in the flow, or bubble brush electrode. If not bubble grazed the noise of the electrode, the CPU according to the normal sampling, computing and digital filtering; If the judge is bubble noise, removal of the measured value, keep in front of the flow measurement value. So, during normal flow measurement damping time is 3 ~ 6 s. Only when a bubble noise, according to the length of the pulse width will not be sensitive time lengthen, system control of the time will be longer. Reasonable when we choose to have gross error suppression function is not sensitive electromagnetic flow rate limit of converter and time value, the converter can not only inhibit the bubble noise caused by false alarm, and instrument response speed during normal work will still be able to keep the time set by the damping values. Electromagnetic flowmeter bubble noise research, should be in bubble to simulation test of electromagnetic flow sensor electrode, but has yet to have this kind of condition. Therefore, we only use electromagnetic flow signal generator signal switching, bubble noise simulation. To select a proper damping time and method of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is bubble noise fault, display and output signal changes to observe flowmeter, judgment of dealing with the bubble noise effect is obvious. Switch switch of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter standard signal source, the fast setting velocity and the zero point, according to the need to maintain zero time signal, simulation of the bubble noise and existence. Change instrument damping time and set up different rate limit and not sensitive to the time value, instrument output changes. Results indicate that increasing damping noise processing time and intelligent bubbles can achieve output does not have big change, the latter is more beneficial to the improvement of the normal during measurement response rate.
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