How to correctly use the RZ - not under the full package status 1158 c type ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-05
Fluid flow measurement system for piping, pipe full state is one of the basic conditions of pipeline fluid measurement, RZ - 1158 c clip type ultrasonic flowmeter is not exceptional also, normally we all need when measuring liquid went into a state of full package, if the pipe contains a lot of bubble and in the full package state, will lead to generate large fluctuations, the measured data of even unable to measure. But there are a lot of actual working condition of occasions pipe liquid is not full state, how to proceed with the flow measurement? * : first transform pipe diameter. If had to measuring pipe coarser, but often in the full package liquid in the pipeline, if conditions permit, can be to replace the segment pipe with diameter smaller pipes, and RZ - installation 1158 c external clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter for flow measurement. Second: upstream and booster pump. If there are conditions in the upstream and a booster pump pipe type, make the pipe fluid flow speed and the full package status over short distances. But sometimes, the way to effect is not ideal, is largely limited to the amount of liquid in the pipe. Third, change the pipeline. BR- 1158 c external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter can be used in horizontal pipe runs not only, also can be used in vertical pipe runs, installed in a liquid can flow from the bottom up. If the conditions permit, we might as well to modify pipes, plus a few elbow, pipe made & other; A few & throughout; Type, then the liquid will flow meter installed in vertical pipe runs upward mobility, in this way, the liquid in the piping would have been in a state of full package, just flow will have change. For three typical above will not tube into the status of the full package, actually for the employees, as long as we are good at in the production use your head, be good at thinking from different angles solution, only will be able to find a better way to solve our problems in the use of instrument.
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