How to correctly to float liquid level gauge calibration and discovery and treatment of common failures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-01
Embellish instrument has been introduced in the structure and working principle float liquid level gauge, the float liquid level gauge breakdown when want to combine the knowledge and fault phenomenon, quickly find the fault point and processing. This paper introduces the ball float liquid level float, connecting rod, check the maintenance of transformation mechanism and float liquid level gauge assembly set-up professional knowledge. The failure has zero drift of ball float liquid level gauge, full is not accurate, most electronic circuit is affected by temperature, or the instrument installation environment have caused by vibration affect circuit, can be solved by adjusting circuit parameters, calibration instrument. Process level has changed but float liquid level gauge display does not change, a lot of the bolt is not tight, or bolt loosening caused by vibration, loose connection shaft causes the transmitter and float shaft out. Ball float liquid level meter liquid level display slow, could be a damaged bearing friction is too big. Seal packing aging and leakage are common fault. 1, floating ball, the inspection and maintenance of floating ball component is the mechanical structure, are installed inside the tower, cans, unable to maintenance and repair in production, only observe the condition when parking in process and fault phenomenon. Accordingly, when maintenance should be checked carefully, floating ball mechanical structure is good or bad will directly affect the operation of equipment, have occurred in the process of producing tower, tank floating ball falls off, floating ball corrosion failure such as fault, tower, tank float meter work very passive component problems. Float is the two sides of the welding together of the hollow ball, floating ball with thin wall, in the use of corrosion perforation, wear phenomenon is seen by the medium, the two hemispheres of the welds are susceptible to corrosion, should pay special attention to check. Floating ball and connecting rod connected by bolts, in order to avoid mechanical parts, floating ball in use do not appear fall off, looseness fault, all mechanical fastening parts bolt, screw thread joint, fixed nut, tighten the * * * good after using the resistance spot welding die. 2, inspection and maintenance of floating ball connecting rod connecting rod length is longer, the medium under high temperature, corrosion and shocks of the liquid, easy bending deformation, which will change the measuring range, the floating ball and raising the dead zone, also exists the hidden trouble of the connecting rod bending break, maintenance found when connecting rod bending deformation, should be calibrated or reinforcement, or change. Floating ball connecting rod fastening nut if severe corrosion and should be replaced. 3, conversion, agency inspection and maintenance of wide-range float liquid level gauge of complicated mechanical structure, components, check the place too much; Transformation mechanism of moving parts or fixed in prone to corrosion medium, such as activity spacing hole corrosion, such as limit bolt corrosion thinning smaller. Maintenance should check the swing arm spacing of the extent of corrosion bolt, swing arm hard nut to convert institutions and shaft sleeve, bolts, etc. A detailed inspection, corrosion serious parts should be replaced and repaired. Float displacement converter corrosion due to the clearance between the spindle and make the cue, will produce large dead zone make produce very big measurement error float liquid level gauge, but as long as eliminate gap also eliminates the dead zone. To the end of the cue and spindle cavity for welding; Can also be set in the end of the float the club, the club and lever set of the threaded connection extended, in the main shaft in drilling tapping screw, make the cue end connected to the spindle into thread. 4, float level gauge assembly calibration and maintenance points the inspection and repair involves floating ball component disassembly, assembly after the repair work is still very important, floating ball weight bar, floating ball displacement transducer, the installation of the connection plate of the three parts is very important, installation of floating ball angular displacement sensor, float shaft concentricity to conform to the requirements, to ensure the shaft friction small, service life is to grow. Remove the float liquid level gauge installed on the device, need to use calibration qualified. Is usually fixed plate after the transmitter first, make the Angle of the transmitter is in zero position roughly, a fixed plate bolt tightening up then zero transmitter, conditioning, hand up the balance beam in the * * * high position, turn the transducer zero button, make the output current is 4 ma; Then use hand pressure stabilizer bar to make it in a low position, * * * gyration transmitter range knobs, make the output current of 20 ma. Set-up in measuring circuit when the string into the digital multimeter reading current value and more accurate than transmitter meter readings. Daily maintenance should pay attention to transmitter bearing lubrication, regularly check the bolt looseness, floating ball tightness of the spindle packing nut, packing whether oil or oil shortage, such problems as whether the spindle lock. Tightness of the spindle packing nut will affect the measurement error of float liquid level gauge, liquid level measurement is accurate, in addition to the transmitter of zero drift, it is possible that float weight adjustment improper move, judgment, floating ball weight is appropriate, usable hand up the balance beam and then let go, stabilizer bar should be able to return to the initial position by hand pressure balance beam and then let go, stabilizer bar should be able to return to the initial position, the right moment.
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