Verification work of jet lag type ultrasonic flowmeter is analysed the related operation procedures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-04
p { 文本- - - - - - 缩进:2 em; / * em is relative unit, 2 em now twice the size of a word * /} Ultrasonic flowmeter cycle verification, the necessity of any instrument in the factory, or in the device's custody in use process, all need to test of products, ultrasonic flowmeter is no exception. Down from the production line of products, its products are qualified or not, whether there is any quality could not reach the requirements of using the product, not only need to be done in the production of each link of quality control, need for instrument before packaging sales more products to relevant verification work. For the instrumentation equipment has been put into production, because of external factors, the influence of the component itself also exist in aging and mechanical wear, etc. , product performance attenuation, will inevitably over time can make its error more than one part of the requirements of technical conditions. If continue to use these out-of-tolerance instrument to measure work, will inevitably lead to the instability of product quality, causing the unqualified products could not be found. By the same token, the parameter testing of such instruments or scientific experiments, the measurement data must be unreliable. Use this instrument for the number of units is not very big, only need to regularly used by all kinds of instruments and meters will be sent to the relevant departments of detection, the problem is not complicated to use large number of units, especially for the design, production of various products factories, scientific research units of measurement department, for example, as a result of the measurement instruments used in the variety, quantity is big, not all the instruments can be sent to the metrology department check, therefore, must establish the unit of measurement standard, arrangement of the instruments in this unit within the cycle test, it is a complex task. Only will all kinds of instruments from the beginning of the purchase of Treasury, until discarded into the orbit of periodic checks all the time, to guarantee the accurate quantity, these instruments are always in good working condition. A, ultrasonic flowmeter metering performance requirements ( A) Precision ultrasonic flowmeter in qt≤ q≤ Qmax flow within the scope of its big error should be allowed to meet - in table 2 The provisions of the 11 in qmin≤ Q < qt flow range, big margin of error is not more than permissible error of two times, and the gas qt should be not more than 3 m/s, for liquid qt should be no greater than O. 6m/s。 Between two consecutive test instrument coefficient adjustment quantity should be no greater than accuracy level of the large margin of error. Qt for flow component. ( 2) Repetitive flowmeter repetitive shall not exceed the level of accuracy of corresponding provisions 1/3 of the large margin of error. ( 3) Two-way flow meter should be in two measurement direction separately check ( 4) Outer clamp meter should be inspected above DN200mm pipe diameter and using 2, general technical requirements ( A) Technical data flow meter shall be accompanied by instructions. Periodic verification of the flowmeter shall also have the previous calibration certificate and test in this test cycle use inspection report. Outside random file folder type ultrasonic flowmeter flowmeter installation method and use requirement should be specified. ( 2) The flow of marks (1) meter should have obvious signs. (2) the meter shall have the nameplate. Table body or the nameplates shall be marked as: factory name, product name and model number, factory number, measuring instruments manufacturing license tag, great work pressure, nominal diameter or its suitable diameter range, suitable for working pressure and working temperature range, under the working conditions of large and small flow or velocity, accuracy grades, explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof certificate number, as well as other related technical indicators, manufacturing time, etc. (3) each pair of the ultrasonic transducer should be obvious location marked with the uniqueness of permanent marks and installation. (4) when the transducer signal cable and the ultrasonic transducer should be a pair of the season, should be in the obvious position with the uniqueness of permanent marks and installation.
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