Pressure transmitter in places when installation should pay attention to

by:KAIDI     2021-02-11
Pressure transmitter when installation should pay attention to place: pressure transmitter is able to & other; Pressure & throughout; Quantity is transformed into industrial standard signal. We can provide not only meet the pressure transmitter of all general industrial application, but also for the refrigeration and air conditioning applications, food processing industry, engineering machinery, medical gases, and the semiconductor industry with special type products. Pressure transducer is a kind of accept variables, unknown feeling after transformation, converts pressure variation in a certain proportion to the standard output signal of the instrument. The transmitter output signal transmission is controlled by the pressure indicating, recording, or control. Pressure transmitter pressure sensitive core using the high performance of silicon piezoresistive pressure oil filled core body, application-specific integrated circuit inside the sensor standard millivolt signal into voltage, current, or frequency signal can be directly with the computer interface card, convenient control instrument, intelligent instrument and PLC. Transmission way output current can be used over a long distance. With small volume, light weight, full stainless steel sealing structure, can work in a corrosive environment. Pressure transmitter installation convenient and concise, has the very good resistance to vibration and shock resistance, are widely used in process control, aviation, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, HVAC and other industries of the liquid, gas measurement and control. Pressure transmitter product features: 1. Easy installation, can be installed directly, also can use bracket to install 2. Variable frequency interference resistance, high stability, high reliability. 3. Gage pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure. Temperature compensation function 5. LED, LCD display two forms to choose 6. Reverse power protection pressure transmitter installation: the installation using the pressure transmitter should be read before the product sample and specification, installation time pressure interface can't leak, to ensure that the range and wiring is correct. Pressure transmitter and transducer shell generally need grounding, signal cable shall not be mixed with the power cable laying, sensor and transmitter there should avoid strong electromagnetic interference. Sensor and transmitter in use should be periodic verification as stipulated in the industry. Field failure inspection of fault on the construction site, the vast majority were due to improper pressure transmitter use and installation methods, sums up several aspects. A component ( Orifice plate, remote measuring joint, etc. ) Blockage or type of installation is wrong, pressure points is not reasonable. Pressure pipe leakage or congestion, liquid in the tube with residual gas in the remaining liquid or gas tube, flange transmitter process of sediment and form the measurement of dead zone. Wiring is not correct in the transmitter, power supply voltage is too high or too low, indicating meter and meter terminal joint poor contact. No technology in strict accordance with the requirements of installation, installation and site environment does not meet the technical requirements. Above the failure cause of pressure transmitter and transducer transmitter output is not normal or measurement is not accurate, but after a careful check, in strict accordance with the technical requirements for use and installation, take effective measures in time, the problem can be ruled out, for can't handle failure, transmitter should be sent to the laboratory or the manufacturer for further examination. Pressure transmitter using production line and technology of the military products, the production of high precision, high quality, small volume, convenient installation, simple to use, cost-effective pressure transmitter. Pressure transmitter has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, mining, machinery, dam, geology, hydrology, and other industries in the measurement of gases and fluid pressure, differential pressure, flow and the height and weight of the fluid.
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