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The working principle of diffused silicon pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-20
Diffusion silicon core body is the core component of diffusion silicon pressure transmitter to work, the sensitive element is to p-type impurity diffusion on n-type silicon wafer, form a very thin conductive p-type layer, on the welding wire is as & other The diffusion silicon strain gauge & quot; , its electrical properties is to make a full wheatstone bridge dynamic piezoresistive effect. It has and elastic element ( The N type silicon base) Together, don't need to paste again. Medium pressure by stainless steel isolation membrane, sealing silicone oil diffusion to the side of the silicon diaphragm, effect on the other side of the reference pressure ( Atmospheric pressure or seal) They are the result of interaction of the diaphragm on one side of the compression, the other side stretching, unbalanced bridge with pressure, output a corresponding signal with the pressure change. Circuit part, wheatstone bridge using constant current power supply, the purpose is to make the output is not affected by temperature, the bridge by the normalization of the differential amplifier output signal amplifier, then through V/I convert current, the current through the nonlinear correction loop compensation, the temperature and pressure change into the linear relationship between 4 - 20 mmadc standard signal output. Working principle as shown in the figure below diffusion silicon pressure transmitter through the pressure signal into electrical signal, and then by the preamplifier to enlarge the electrical signal filtering, sent to the CPU of A/D conversion module for analog to digital conversion. Finally by the CPU for data processing and display and PWM output. Principle of the frame is as follows: by lateral medium & rarr; The sensor - → Electronic circuit & rarr; The output signal. Direct effects on pressure sensors measured medium on the proliferation of silicon diaphragm, make diaphragm produces tiny displacement is proportional to the medium pressure, working normally, the maximal displacement of diaphragm is not greater than zero. 025 mm, electronic circuit to detect the displacement, which converts the displacement into corresponding to the standard industrial measuring signal of the pressure. The overpressure/diffusion silicon diaphragm directly on solid ceramic matrix, the clearance between the matrix and because of the diaphragm is only 0. 1 mm, so the over-voltage when the maximal displacement of the diaphragm is only 0. 1 mm, so from the structure to ensure the won't produce too much deformation of diaphragm, the sensor has good stability and high reliability.
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