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Pressure transmitter look is not the brand but the parameters

by:KAIDI     2021-02-10
Pressure transmitter is used to measure the pressure measuring instrument, mainly used in the need to measure pressure in the pipes or tanks, for high pressure, high temperature, micro pressure measuring conditions, is more of a need to always pay attention to the parameters of the pressure transmitter. A lot of pressure transmitter brands, as manufacturers do domestic pressure transmitter as thousands, but many enterprises in the selection of time or more headaches, first choose pressure transmitter, must first understand the demand of the scene, the differential pressure transmitter with points and the remote transmission pressure and so on. 1 some parameters need to be aware of model selection of the pressure transmitter, first is to make sure it's measurement range, since it is measuring pressure, will know how much the range of the range is probably; 2, the second is the medium and temperature, it is the main technical data selection pressure transmitter; 3, the last is the accuracy of measurement, the precision of the pressure transmitter can be divided into & plusmn; 0. 1% fs, ± 0. 25% fs, ± 0. 5% FS, according to the requirement of the site to confirm; Pressure transmitter of type selection, can according to the above three data to confirm the parameters, to satisfy the needs of the scene, can not only see the price and ignores the parameters of single. Pressure transmitter which is good, not only see the pressure transmitter brand, brand is virtual, sometimes a lot of first-line brand are not their production, so Katie as pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, liquid level change to send manufacturers warned that parameter is the top priority.
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