The old are not allowed to (turbine flow meter Looking for a reason)

by:KAIDI     2021-01-16
1 the effects of pulsating flow, water flow volatility is larger. Solution: increase the gap between the straight pipe of pump and flowmeter, flow stability. 2, turbine flowmeter installation location near the valve or bend position too, as raw material through the valve or bend section, flow fluctuation. Solution: at this time should stay away from the valve and pipe bending position, guarantee of straight pipe before and after is a good way to solve the problem. 3, turbine flowmeter near the motor, frequency converter, such as strong current interference sources. Solution: meter instrument grounding, or add filter capacitance. If the problem still not solve, the best thing to do is stay away from disturbance sources. 4, turbine flowmeter, no flow shows: first, check the line if there is a problem, such as signal loss, such as wire break. Separate the sensor and the signal amplifier, signal amplifier connected to the instrument, with iron metal in signal amplifier at the bottom of the range of 2 ~ 3 mm distance flip back and forth, such as instrument have showed that shows part have no problem. Solution: please send flow sensor from the pipe to unload, check the meter will be entangled or impeller impeller failure phenomenon. 5, flow meter display flow is smaller than the actual flow: the cause of the problem is the impeller rotating generally don't slip fast or blade fracture. Solution: remove the flowmeter from the pipe and check the meter will be entangled or there is any breakage phenomenon. 6, flow meter display error is larger: first check the flow sensor coefficient K value and instrument parameters are set correctly; Conditional case, use electronic calibration actual calibration. Solution: such as poor or not calibration and repeatability of traffic can be to contact the supplier.
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