To ensure that the turbine flowmeter sensor sensitivity a few essentials

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-22
Turbine flowmeter in measuring liquid and pure gas field has a widespread application of turbine flowmeter has high accuracy, good repeatability, no zero drift, high range than the advantages. Turbine flowmeter with high quality bearings and special design of the deflector, thus greatly reduce the wear and tear, is not sensitive to the peak, even under harsh conditions can also give a reliable measurement variables. Turbine meter output signal for pulse, easy to digital. Small turbine flowmeter pressure loss, blade preservative, can be measured, viscous and corrosive medium. In order to keep the display instrument of turbine, the sensitivity of sensor output pulse signal to have enough to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. To give full play to the characteristics of turbine flowmeter, also in the installation of the flowmeter using must be sufficient attention, therefore, when installation should guard against all kinds of electrical interference phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic induction, anti-static, and capacitive coupling. (1) flow rate distribution and the existence of the secondary flow is an important factor which affect measurement accuracy of turbine flowmeter. So, the turbine flowmeter of straight pipe upstream or downstream & ndash; On request. For industrial measurement, generally requires the upstream 20 d, 5 d downstream straight pipe length. (2) turbine flowmeter have higher request for the purity of the fluid and filter in front of the meter shall be installed to ensure clean fluid. Filter funnel type can be used, its cleanliness, measurable its differential pressure at the ends of the change. (3) to ensure that through the flowmeter is single-phase fluid, namely cannot let or steam into the air flow meter, flow meter should be installed upstream necessary gets over. For easy vaporization of liquid, the flowmeter downstream must ensure that the back pressure. The size of the back pressure desirable pressure drop under heavy traffic flow sensor 2 times and high temperature measured liquid vapor pressure of 1. 2 times. To eliminate the secondary flow, adding rectifier in the upstream end, there are about 20 d if the upstream end can guarantee the straight pipe, and adding rectifier, can make the measurement accuracy of flowmeter calibration accuracy of grades. In addition, the turbine flowmeter for high viscosity of hydraulic oil, engine oil, small diameter specifications can be used in a real flow calibration. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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