Magnetic flap side mounted liquid level meter in oil field application and maintenance methods

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-24
Magnetic flap liquid level meter, as a kind of simple structure, convenient observation directly, installation of liquid level measuring system, its unique advantages more and more get of people in love, the type as the change of scope of application and also continue to increase, according to the installation position can be divided into side mounted and top mounted, according to the different materials can be divided into anti-corrosion type and ordinary type, according to its different additional features, can be divided into with remote transmission and without remote transmission, according to the measured medium temperature and pressure situation is different, can be divided into high pressure and high temperature. One side mounted installation way is we are seeing for general installation, according to the comprehensive consideration of all aspects, side mounted magnetic flap liquid level gauge for oil measurement compared to other liquid level meter products are has certain advantages. Why do you say that, the specific reason for the following: 1, side mounted magnetic level gauge has a variety of optional material, turning the side mounted magnetic flap level gauge tube parts are made of stainless steel, can meet the high demand of consumption level. 2, side mounted magnetic level gauge turning pure mechanical principles, safe, stable and reliable, and intuitive display. 3, can for the side mounted magnetic level gauge increases far eastone turning device, 4 - 20 ma output signal, the signal transmission to the control room. 4, increase the upper and lower alarm switch and connect pump valve, the magnetic flap side mounted the level of high and low position control implementation level inside the container. 5, for some large edible oil storage tank can also use side mounted magnetic flap liquid level meter, while the cost will be higher, but the opposite is true of radar level gauge or ultrasonic liquid level meter, side mounted magnetic flap liquid level gauge is more accurate and reliable. At present domestic radar level meter, ultrasonic level meter manufacturing technology is mature, but the phenomenon of false positives or occasionally. The above these are side mounted magnetic flap the advantage of liquid level meter used in edible oil processing industry, edible oil filling material tank, storage of semi-finished products, workshop and so on a series of links are used to the magnetic flap type level gauge. About side mounted magnetic flap repair and maintenance level gauge, we need to focus on the following key points and methods: 1, prepare daily maintenance side mounted magnetic level gauge, turning general week of daily maintenance and maintenance, also called the day cases of confirmed cases confirmed and weeks. 2, when cleaning * turn on water level gauge meter iron pipe screw cap, carefully took out the level and then the equipment around chip, debris, dirt mechanical engineer to clean. 3, side mounted magnetic flap level gauge should be placed neatly, pipe, line should be organized; Good lubrication oil or oil change on time, and constantly oil, swear 'phenomenon, oil pressure is normal, the bright oil, oil, oil conforms to the requirement of level gauge, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum clean; Also can use trichloroethylene or alcohol injection lead hole to be in half its height, soak for about 5 minutes and then a slight shake, repeated many times, until a clean place. It is prohibited to use any equipment cleaning hole, in order to avoid damage to the sensitive core pressure sensitive film. 4, clean side mounted within the magnetic level gauge turning medium level height, avoid using too much hardness of the brush or metal tools, sensitive core and pressure interface thread in order to avoid damage. 5, cleaning after the completion of the liquid level meter slowly back into the iron pipe, the lower part of the feeling has placed iron pipe, install the screw cap back to the level gauge to install after cleaning, must once again the sluices, mutatis mutandis, the same level at that time, the water level of the markings, the secondary instrument readings to correct, in order to ensure the correctness of the sampled data. 6, side mounted magnetic flap level gauge should be cleaned once a week. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. * * in the magnetic flap level gauge product manufacturing for many years, in the aspect of material selection and the quality of the product has more than its peers have assure, if you need more side mounted magnetic level gauge turning related technical parameters or the use of experience, please visit our website, if you need to side mounted magnetic flap selection of liquid level meter, please contact customer service personnel, * *, we will provide you with services. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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