Want to know how to according to the turbine flowmeter is?

by:KAIDI     2021-01-20
Katie instrument equipment factory to give you a brief introduction: turbine flowmeter turbine meter according to the instructions on the process piping installation, need to pay attention to the following: 1. Turbine flowmeter should be installed, the direction of flow must agree and arrows pointing, installation of the ambient temperature is 20 & ndash; 120 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 80%. 2. And the inner diameter of the pipe before and after the turbine flowmeter is connected should be consistent with the flow meter diameter. Before the meter length of straight pipe should be more than 20 times the pipe diameter, flow meter after the straight pipe length should be greater than 15 times the pipe diameter. 3. In order to eliminate impurities, flow meter shall be equipped with filters. To reduce the number of spin from pipe upstream reflux disturbance and reduce the flow meter and the required length of straight pipe, need to install the rectifier. Every measure easily gasified liquid, venting device should be installed, and in order to eliminate the pipe gas, improve the measurement accuracy, extend the life cycle of flowmeter using. 4. Process piping and flow meter. Piping and flow meter joint shall not be bossed stretch pipe, so as not to change the pipe cross section and the import of flowmeter flow field distribution. 5. In order to reduce from upstream of the flow field disturbance, control valve should be placed in the downstream of the flow meter, to facilitate the smooth control of traffic. Separate set of pressure gauge can be installed in the inlet or outlet flow meter; Separate set of thermometer should be installed downstream of the meter place. 6. In the case of measuring the one-way fluid flow, should be in a setting flowmeter downstream check valve, in order to prevent the impact due to fluid phenomena of recoil flowmeter features. 7. In the process of flow meter installed, should try to reduce stress, in order to avoid caused by installation of stress deformation and distortion caused by heat bilges cold shrink. 8. Under the condition of possible, should be set the bypass pipe. Such as well as protection at startup, and can not affect the normal conveying fluid during maintenance. 9. For flow meter without preamplifier, spacing between the meter and the preamplifier shall not exceed 3 ~ 5 m, shielded cable should be used to meter the output signals to the input preamplifier. With preamplifier flowmeter, four core shielded cable should be adopted, the transmission of the output signal to the flow indicator integrating instrument. 10. Should ensure good grounding flow, in order to guarantee the normal work of the flowmeter and safe operation. 11. Before installation of flowmeter, the pipe scrap iron, welding slag, and sundry eliminate clean. Before start the meter, gas should be ruled out the pipe. Start the instrument, the drive pipe valves should not be too fast and should avoid overload flow through the flow meter and make the instrument damage. 12. Intelligent type flow indicator integrating display instrument should be placed or horizontal installation on the instrument panel, installation height should be reading and is easy to operate, general is 1. About 5 m. More than a simple instructions instrument and meter plant for your reference!
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