Use the input type level gauge should know some common sense

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-24
Type level gauge should know some common sense for using input type level gauge is a kind of unique structure, strong practicability of liquid level meter. It's the biggest difference with the traditional input type liquid level transmitter is the sensor does not directly contact with medium, pressure pipe through guide air liquid level change to pass on, thus avoiding the sensing of congestion, corrosion damage. Greatly prolong the service life of the instrument, because of its unique design, make it especially suitable for high temperature measurement, sewage, etc. Input type level gauge is widely used in petrochemical, steel, energy, food, sewage treatment, tap water industry's exposure level measurement (container The highest temperature can withstand 250 degrees high temperature) 。 Input type level gauge is based on the measured liquid the principle of static pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid, the piezoresistive effect of diffused silicon or ceramic sensitive element, the static pressure into electrical signals. After transformation, temperature compensation and the linear correction into 4 - 20 madc standard current signal output. Input type level gauge sensor part can be directly into the liquid, transmitter part available flange or bracket, convenient in installation. The same product is called the inputting type liquid level transmitter. Input type level gauge sensor components, such as the domestic and international high-end provide input type level gauge solution for a large number of users, trusted users! Input type level gauge use related issues: 1. When I received the product, please check whether the packing is in good condition, and check whether the input type level gauge type and specification of choose and buy products with you. 2. Ban measure weak acid or more acidic medium ( PH6 below) , a simple identification method can reach. 3. Input type level gauge factory with a permanent connection cable, cable extension must ensure that the cable has a high water level may extend ( Connection parts to keep dry ventilation) Extension, the deep well measurement must be out of the wellhead. 4. When installing into type level gauge should pay attention to ensure connection cables in good condition, hard tool wear contact or cable is prohibited. 5. Power supply output voltage whether conform to the requirements of the probe power supply, ensure the pressure source within the range of the product. 6. Sensors are precision devices, input type level gauge users in use, please do not disassemble by oneself, can't touch, diaphragm, in order to avoid damage to the product. According to Cleaning and maintenance: cleaning liquid level meter, can only use neutral reagents to avoid input type level gauge with corrosive cleaning reagent, such as acid, alkali solvent. Product storage: input type level gauge to precision instruments, should be stored in dry and ventilated room temperature of the indoor environment.
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