Outer clamp type ultrasonic flow meter to accurately measure liquid flow

by:KAIDI     2021-01-29
One figure, instance background: as a large and medium-sized chemical group co. , LTD. , the business process in recent years, commodity market share and company size also increased, the company's internal process of social system was deepened, the company manufacturing stage, the various technological upgrading projects an eyebrow. Enterprise's production must use a lot of material liquid, on the spot for various can contain substances ( Like the sea, cooling circulating water, talk about water, marinades, pure water these) The accuracy of the metrological verification looks very key. Because the company formerly known as is state-owned enterprise restructuring, the company's history because of time and the company's equipment maintenance is best not to end the sustainability of the current manufacturing system process, for production on the spot at the present stage of many liquid pipelines must ascend flow meter scale dashboard, how to don't change the manufacturing conditions under the premise of the problem of measuring the total flow of liquid in the pipeline, put in front of the people's eyes. Through market research and communicate with the same industry, people give full consideration to select applications clip type ultrasonic flowmeter. Save resources. Inspection cameras installed in the pipeline surface, do not destroy liquidity situation of fluid mechanics in the pipeline, no work pressure damage, is the ideal environmental protection and energy saving dashboard, accurate measurement of large traffic, environmental protection and energy saving effect is remarkable. Detection range widely. In addition to precisely measure the water and crude oil generally guide, such as fluid mechanics, can accurately measure the high temperature, high pressure, strong erosion, the electrical conductivity, and easy explosion and radioactive substances such as liquids. Good practicability. In the range of can test specifications, flowmeter can measure all the different specifications of same line traffic. Accurate measurement is the dangers of viscosity fluid mechanics and relative density. Reynolds number. Automatic adjustment caused by the change of flow field around the deviation, ensure the flowmeter has plenty of metrological verification accuracy. 6. Easy installation and maintenance is convenient. Not limited by production situation. Three, dashboard application effect shows that: based on comprehensive to analyze the ultrasonic flowmeter of countries around the world, people call the XY - CSB - Clip type ultrasonic flow meter as a TUB. XY - CSB - Outside the TUB clip type ultrasonic flowmeter chose good micro solve all kinds of digital technology to create the real earthquake scene, used clean liquid homogeneous material ( There is no a lot of precipitation, floating particles in liquid and bubbles) Precision accurate measurement, in view of the harm of water flow around and so on to carry out the automatic compensation, to ensure accurate measurement accuracy more than 0. Level 6. The function is all ready. The available pipe and the material being measured category is very common. Pipe fittings, carbon steel, stainless steel plate, steel, ductile steel, hard molded plastic, rock wool, glass magnesium, glass fiber and other; Material to be tested: purified water, sea, gasoline, motor gasoline, 2 # petrol and diesel, oil, propane, butane, and other. Easy to use convenient. The usual application, only have to type in pipe diameter, the nominal diameter, the type of materials, fluid mechanics, signal transmitter ( V, Z, W) Can automatic measure cameras installed interval, proper installation only. In order to ensure the timeliness of quantity traceability, after the specific Chinese academy of metrology calibration more than 0. 6 levels of specification, can thoroughly as a level 1, 5 metrological verification the specification of the application. In the flexible use of the XY - CSB - Outside the TUB clip type ultrasonic flowmeter features basically achieved successfully in that group within the company, talk about the surface, such as water, cooling circulating water and brackish water several times the flow measurement, and steady pressure transmitter to carry out the check, the actual effect is very ideal, can consider the water yield level metrological verification must be thoroughly. Sense, application, and pay attention to four key point: in several concrete application, summary the use time: a main parameters, the type of pipe must accord to the specific. Second, according to the measure of the interval, for V method should ensure that two cameras interval of wires and the center line of the pipeline parallel surface. For Z method should ensure that two cameras place vertical cross-section divide the line the centerline, the two camera position matching with the center line of the pipeline in a plan. Three parts, camera is enough clear clean various appendages, to avoid the data signal reduction and refraction Angle again, wipe on the camera, lotus root mixture between line should be 0. Four, in view of the Z method, as far as possible under the standard of stationary camera 1, the signal strength is no more than ( ≥ 3%) , slow moving another camera is easy to make the flow meter to find a suitable data signal secure channel, make the signal strength within the rules. For V method, then the two cameras can all slow moving, make its signal intensity within the rules. Five, in view of the same type substance in relative density is large apart, should take into account the adjustment countermeasures ( Idealized situation is get the frequency of sound waves in the material transmission, accurate measurement after typing) 。 Six, as far as possible put an end to have complex vibration source region to carry out the accurate measurement, avoid accurate measurement results or deviation to expand.
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