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Input type level gauge how to effectively prevent interference

by:KAIDI     2021-01-19
A, liquid level meter using the fundamental points: 1. Liquid level meter in the transport, storage shall guarantee that the integrity of the original packaging, strong, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. 2. Input type level gauge, if discovery is unusual, shown in the use process shall be immediately closed power supply, to stop work, inspection, maintenance, ensure trouble-free way to put into use again. 3. Level gauge should strict according to the wiring to clarify when external power supply. Second, the inputting type liquid level transmitter installation must pay attention to the point: in the device environment should be the type level gauge is located in the stillness of the deep well, sink, generally the diameter & Phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( Different height to play several holes, so that the water up into the tube) Fixed in the water, and then input type liquid level transmitter can be used in the steel pipe. Transmitter for the vertical direction, entrances and mixer device location should be far away from the liquid. If there are any larger oscillation of the environment, multilayer wire surrounded on the transmitter, using steel wire to mitigate sensation, avoid tensile cables. Or have a mixing liquid level measurement activities, generally the diameter & Phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( Different heights on the opposite side of the liquid flow to play several holes, so that the water up into the tube) Fixed in the water, and then input type liquid level transmitter can be used in the steel pipe. Third, although input type level gauge has a good stability, high precision, device is quite convenient use. But still in use tutorial will inevitably disturbed by many external factors. Lead to the level of measurement deviation, the number of attacks if deal with this problem, leap in science and technology of technology researchers to come up with a treatment scheme for doing so. First of all, we are using the traditional ways of processing is not very good effect. For the traditional way is also on a small tank liquid level measurement equipment, the pressure transmitter inspection device in the bottom of the tank, sex of sensor line is good. But there is a problem, when water tank with water flow down, can make the following pressure swing is larger. Analysis data, take out a data in 1 second, show the swing is large, and has the correct values; Use 10 ms took out a number to the average, owe good also. After repeated experiments, and finally found the problem into the trouble of liquid level transmitter is relatively perfect the solution: in order to make the liquid base effect on probe form directly, can use other objects slightly against the liquid instantaneous direct impact; Division may use another way, it is the water inlet into the shower, will be big change form into small flow of water spraying down, meet are used in field experiments. Another way is to put the inlet pipe mouth twists and turns, the water out when up and down first, reduces the impact strength, effectively reduce the trouble.
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