Gas turbine flowmeter in the application of gas field and the related features

by:KAIDI     2021-02-22
With saving energy and reducing consumption in China's current policy to the power of the transformation of energy construction, the Chinese company in large quantities in the application of gas and other types of natural gas for industrial production of electric energy, natural gas at present stage at present stage metrological verification in general use, there are many types of metrological verification dashboard of common key gas turbine flowmeter, precession flowmeter, membrane type, gas lobed rotor meter, gas meter, etc. The dashboard work handover metrological verification to stand in the door, industrial production customers, business service customers, the customer each part of the city and its residents and processing technology of metrological verification and other customers have more application, application status is not the same. Because to deal with a lot of different customers, to choose a suitable meter scale dashboard looks particularly in the key, to choose the suitable flow meter will be the first to grasp the characteristics of various kinds of instrument panel. Below their respective discussed the basic principle of this meter scale dashboard, characteristics and key performance parameters. The principle of gas turbine flowmeter: when cyclone into the flow of time, the first after the unique structure of the ballast and accelerate, under the effect of fluid mechanics, pressurization of resistance torque and friction torque just begin to spin. Turbo spin cycle time to change the magnetic resistance, magnetoelectric converter test electromagnetic coil in the magnetic flux with produce regular shift, the regularity of edm data signal when over balance torque, speed ratio is smooth, is proportional to the speed ratio and the gas pressure of the pressure, and according to the gear drive and magnetic coupling connection transmission to the word chakra electronic counter, accurately measure the load capacity of the gas production immediately, and according to the instrument equipped with traffic compensation, precise measuring gas temperature, working pressure, regulate traffic volume and production. 1. Key is bullish on the precision of the gas turbine flowmeter and high precision. Current gas turbine flowmeter: foreign markets for & plusmn; 0. R and 6% & plusmn; 1. 3% R, China's market for & plusmn; R and 1% & plusmn; 1. About 6% R precision refers to the category of 6:1 or whoever. If can improve precision, smaller category if specified application, under the real flow calibration standard precision DuDu can much improve. For the work handover trade metrological verification, often configuration free online check equipment, easy to check every quarter. 2. The provisions of the convection strength the regulation of gas turbine flowmeter convection strength for cleaning ( Or clean) And single-phase power and low viscosity, no large particles, chemical fiber and other residue. 3. Gas turbine flowmeter installation standard level of pipeline internal waters flow around the battery and turn the traffic is more sensitive, into the development trend of in-situ stress enough pipe flow controller, and thus should be based on controller upstream and downstream side choke type configuration required to take over the period of or ballast. If the upstream and downstream side choke a condition is not established, usually upstream and downstream are strongly recommended to take over distance not less than 2 d, in the middle and lower reaches to take over the distance of not less than 1 d, such as installing interior space can not consider provisions stated, can install in the middle of the choke a controller with liquidity adjustment valve. 4 the rationality with gas turbine flowmeter for high precision, all aspects should take into account the factors of its economic development. Purchase expense cost only part of the dashboard, spending the should also consider the following several aspects: auxiliary machine fee; Check fee, in order to maintain high precision must often check, and a set of free online check equipment installed on the spot, cost is very considerable, Maintenance, spare parts changing of gas turbine flowmeter, it is essential to maintain performance. ( 2) Precession flowmeter gas precession flowmeter principle: when along the radial fluid mechanics of liquidity into the channel, the heat meter forced vortex generating body fluid mechanics in turn the fitness movement, therefore cause vortex flow vortex generating body management center, vortex flow in high precession in the column tube, arrive suddenly collapsed section of throttle valve make vortex flow is accelerated, the vortex flow into the diffuser, effect due to flow back to the force to carry out the type of precession precession turn again. When the rotation frequency of the vortex flow and flow through the precession vortex heat meter is proportional to the flow of the fluid mechanics, and for the linear. Two voltage sensor test to the weak positive charge data signal by the preamplifier differential greaten, filtration, cosmetic surgery after into two crossroads, proportional differential signal frequency and flow rate, to solve the power circuit on the differential signal to carry out the two crossing location and identification and removal of electromagnetic interference, and to all normal traffic data signals of numeration is solved. Key performance parameters for: traffic categories: 1. 3 - 3500 m3 / h dashboard precision ( ± 1. ~ ± 3%; 1. 6%) R dashboard specifications: 3/4 '~ 150 mm pressure: usually & le; 1 ~ 1. Convection strength the provisions of the applicable material high work pressure, 5 kpa - Around 30 kpa, different types can be used with low working pressure is not the same) Traffic category degrees below 15:1, regulation, and for initiating traffic no requirement, no obvious vibration, and no obvious pressure fluctuation. The dashboard from the dangers of the pulsating flow in the pipeline, should be equipped with long to take over the period. Often strongly recommended to take over the distance of not less than 5 d, upstream and downstream in the middle and lower reaches to take over the distance of not less than 1 d, such as installing interior space can not consider provisions stated, can install in the middle of the choke a controller with liquidity adjustment valve.
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