Why choose magnetic flap acetic acid storage tank level measurement liquid level meter is better

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-29
Acetic acid is the basic chemical raw materials, mainly used for the synthesis of vinyl acetate monomer, acetate, triacetate, acetate, metal acetate, acetic anhydride and acetic acid chloride. Is also the important raw materials in pharmaceutical, spices, dye industry. In addition, in the photograph, leather tanning agent, compound feed acetic acid, emulsioni paint, detergent, and also has extensive use cleaner, etc. Plastic is generally selected acetic acid storage tank, gangsu composite tank is better, and because of acetic acid is easy to volatilize, cannot use open tank storage, only to the storage tank sealed performance is good. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. For all kinds of chemical raw material for liquid level measurement has a very rich experience, this article is in view of the acetic acid in the process of production and storage level measurement made simple introduction, hope to be of help. Magnetic level gauge design when turning the structure principle of liquid level meter according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, the float liquid level gauge led tube with lifting, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling is passed to the indicator, red, white double column turn 180 degrees, when the liquid level rises, double column from white to red, when the liquid level drops, double column changed from red to white, red indicator, white border for the containers within the medium level of actual height, so as to realize liquid level instructions. Magnetic flap liquid level meter can be used directly to observe all kinds of containers within the medium level. Magnetic level gauge is suitable for turning in the field of petroleum, chemical industry and other industrial liquid level indicator, magnetic level gauge turning simple structure, observe the intuitive, clear, no blocking, no leakage, convenient installation, easy maintenance. At the request of the superior must be in dangerous chemicals reservoir ( The sealed reservoir/pot) Add high alarm device, in the past on the reservoir are using simple glass tube liquid level meter and the magnetic level gauge, turning the magnetic flap is generally selected acetic acid storage tank level gauge is better, the main reasons are: 1. Acetic acid, acidic, weak corrosion. So the material requirements for general 304; 2. Storage: stainless steel magnetic level gauge, turning with liquid level transmitter far eastone. 3. Acetic acid storage tank, from safety management standard, is the need to install the level is set high and low level alarm. This medium flavor is bigger, but not the liquid viscosity, no material impurities, under normal temperature for liquid, crystal, from the point of the medium conditions, economy, suits, intuitive, reliable, low failure rate, choice, should choose stainless steel magnetic level gauge with turning transmitter is good; The liquid level meter, the intuitive, reliable measurement and low failure rate. 4. If it is a horizontal tank, also can use magnetic flap liquid level meter, but should choose magnetic flap ball float liquid level gauge. Installation method according to the actual situation of working conditions to choose, can be installed side mounted can also top mounted, * * side mounted installation, its benefits in the next article. Watch the working principle of the magnetic level gauge turning animation, please click on the url: xinwenhuodong / 1322. html
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