What are the ground field instruments, each instrument person notice?

by:KAIDI     2021-01-13
Chemical plant common field instrument grounding for flow meter transducer and thermal resistance grounding transducer pressure transmitter grounding far eastone level gauge meter grounding electromagnetic flowmeter instrument grounding classification instrument classification has protective grounding, work, the Ann system grounding and anti-static grounding, lightning protection grounding. Protection grounding, also known as safety, is set up for the personal safety and electrical equipment safety grounding. All kinds of electricity meter metal shell and the metal part of the automatic control equipment normal live, because the abnormal phenomena appear ( Such as insulation damage, etc. ) , and may make it a dangerous voltage, for such equipment, all should implement protective earthing. Protective earthing is provides a pathway for hazardous voltage, without going through the human body. Note: 1. Installed in the power distribution panel, control panel and power distribution device of electric measuring instrument, relay, and other low-voltage electrical appliances shell, and the insulation damage at the time, will not cause dangerous voltage on solid support insulator metal parts such as metal base is not grounded. 2. Installed in the explosion-proof metal buttons, lights, relays on the dial of low-voltage electrical appliances, such as metal shell, with a protective earthing metal faces framework has been done by the electrical contact well, don't was a protective earth. 3. Less than 36 v power supply of field instruments, transmitter, on-site switch, no special need not to do to protect earth. But I could contact with the above 36 v voltage equipment. 4. The protective earthing of automatic control equipment has been done by electrostatic grounding can think oneself. In the control room use anti-static raised floor, should have a static grounding. Electrostatic grounding and protection grounding pooling system. The function of shielding grounding shield is capacitive coupling interference suppression, reduce electromagnetic interference. Instrument system components such as cable to reduce electromagnetic interference shielding layer, the drain line, the shielding earthing terminal on the instrument, shall be as shielding grounding. Shielding grounding shall meet the following requirements: (1) meter in the system to reduce electric magnetic interference components such as: the cable shielding layer, the drain line, the shielding earthing terminal on the instrument shall be as shielding grounding. (2) outdoor overhead laying more than ordinary without shield cable can spare cores. (3) shielded cable shielding layer has been grounded, standby core is not grounded. (4) wear protection tube multi-core cable spare core is not grounded. Grounding when the instrument and control system, signal lines from enter indoor, outdoor has power protector or other grounding connection, you need to set up to grounding connection should be implemented. Instrument and control system grounding grounding system and electrical system should be Shared, but shall not be Shared with independent lightning protection grounding device. If there is no common electrical professional lightning protection grounding system, shall be made to the electrical professional design requirements, designed by the electrical professional. Grounding connection mode: instrument cable trough, instrument cable protection tube into the control room, should be connected to the electric professional lightning protection grounding device of electric induction. Control room lightning protector should be connected to the electric professional lightning protection grounding device of electric induction. Need a meter cable protection tube, instrument cable is located in the armoured layer for lightning protection, should be connected to the electric professional lightning protection grounding device of electric induction. The lightning protector of field instruments shall be the electrical professional site lightning protection grounding device of electric induction. Lightning area outdoor overhead laying of the multi-core cable shielding layer, standby core should be connected to the shield earth; To shield has been grounded shielding cable or or wear steel pipe laying cable in the metal cable trough, standby core is not grounded. Grounding quizzes, protect the summary sheet and total floor share the grounded connection diagram: why do you want to separate analog ground and digital ground? Shielded cable shielding layer should be received a veneer of interface earth rather than signal. This is because there are all kinds of the noise of the signal on the ground, if the received signal ground shielding layer, noise voltage drives the common-mode current along the shield to outside interference. So bad design of the cable is usually the biggest output noise source electromagnetic interference. Of course the premise is after, also have to be very clean. Veneer how the signal on the ground? For general device, nearby grounding is the best. Adopted to have a completely flat sandwich plate design, it's very easy for the average signal grounding. Basic principle is to ensure the continuity of the get the line, reduce the number of holes. Close to the ground plane or power plane, and so on. Veneer interface device how to earth? Some veneer have external input/output interface, such as serial port connector, so RJ45 connector, etc. , if the grounding design of them well can also affect the normal work, such as front-end ports interconnection has error, packet loss, etc. , and will be the external electromagnetic interference sources, the noise to send in the plate. In general will split up a single block independent interface, and the signal ground connection using thin lines to connect, can string 0 ohm or small resistance of the resistor. Fine go line signal can be used to cut off the ground noise lead to the interface. Similarly, the interface and interface power supply filter also should seriously consider.
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