What about FOB of vibrating level switch ?
Compared to CIF, FOB is a much more secure and competitive Incoterms. Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. supports and recommends this kind of transaction form. The costs associated with FOB include transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, loading the goods onto the shipping vessel, marine freight transport, insurance, and unloading and transporting the goods from the arrival port to the final destination. It means you'll need to make your own arrangements to have your shipment unloaded at the port, cleared through customs, and then moved to your destination. During the process, you can have better control of the freight and the freight cost because you can use your own freight forwarders who may provide you with the best interest.

Kaidi is one of the professional temperature transmitter supply manufacturers in China integrating design, manufacturing, and export trade. We will show you the level switch series that is most popular with customers. Each and every KAIDI liquid level transmitter that leaves our factory has undergone and passed stringent strength testing in terms of strip tensile, tear, and seam strength. It works stably under strong impact and vibration conditions. The product has good refractoriness under load capacity which is directly determined by the effective porosity and the volume density. There is little variation between its measuring values.

Satisfying customers with our considerate service and excellent level gauge components is what KAIDI has been striving for. Ask!
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