Using the electromagnetic flowmeter advantages and characteristics of coal-water slurry flow measurement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-14
China as a power coal resources, coal is one of the energy of China. However, due to the coal resources are not unlimited energy at a time, and, under the condition of the existing production technology and economy, the extensive use of coal has serious environmental pollution, China not only cause serious harm to people's physical health, and affected the sustainable development of China's future. Think in terms of national energy strategy, therefore, must be careful use of coal resources, as far as possible make source energy diversification and energy consumption structure rationalization, as far as possible, make full use of energy resources by way of the market. Coal-water slurry is through the use of new technology will fully effective use of coal resources, we believe that the coal-water slurry is a kind of new type, high efficiency, clean coal based fuel, fuel is the new members of the family, it is made of 65% Different particle size distribution of coal, 70% - 29 About 34% of a mixture of water and about 1% of chemical additives made from. After a more strict working procedures, sieve to coal burning impurities such as composition, carbon nature only be preserved, become the essence of coal water slurry. It has oil liquidity, calorific value is equal to the half of the oil, is called liquid coal product. Coal-water slurry technology including coal-water slurry preparation, storage and transportation, combustion, additives and other key technologies, is a system that involves the multi-discipline, coal-water slurry combustion with high efficiency, low pollutant emission characteristics, can be used for power station boiler, industry boiler and industrial furnace generation of oil, gas, generation of coal combustion, is an important part of the clean coal technology. In the process of production and refining of coal water slurry, adopt what kind of flow measurement can reasonably and efficiently in the production process of coal water slurry flow measured, many areas of a greater use of the electromagnetic flowmeter as coal-water slurry flow measurement instrument, has obtained the good effect. For electromagnetic flowmeter in coal water slurry production are presented in this paper using a simple analysis: effect of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement coal-water slurry is introduced: in CWS lining materials for corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance of the engineering rubber and ptfe plastics, electromagnetic flowmeter in the application of coal-water slurry in recent years developed enhanced ptfe is widely used, its abrasion resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance is very good, and with the measuring pipe has good adhesion performance, lining up the shell or falls off phenomenon will not occur. The induction electric potential signal generated by the liquid flow is very weak, much affected by various interference factors, the role of the converter is the induction electric potential signal amplification translates into a unified standard signal and suppress the main disturbance signal. Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement coal-water slurry advantage: when the streamline distribution does not conform to the set conditions, measurement error will occur. In front of the electromagnetic flowmeter, therefore, must have a straight section about 5 ~ 10 d, in order to eliminate the influence of various local resistance to streamline distribution symmetry. Because the physical properties of coal water slurry special, make the measurement difficult. It contains more than 60% of very fine particles of coal solids, plus auxiliary additives, under high pressure conditions, the dynamic viscosity of up to 800 ~ 1500 mpa. S, the erosion of the electrodes by the medium of lining extrusion and environmental requirements of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor pipe lining and measurement of adhesion performance and noise and leakage resistance of the electrode has a high requirement, and coal-water slurry is a Newtonian fluid, the design of pipe flow rate is low, in 1. 0 m/s or so, and corrosive. After many years of experience in coal chemical plant operation is proved that using electromagnetic flowmeter measurement coal-water slurry flow is currently the only reliable way. Electromagnetic flowmeter installation location to away from all the magnetic interference source. Electromagnetic flowmeter signal is weak, only a few millivolts when full scale, and the traffic is very small, only a few microvolts, outside a slight interference will affect the accuracy of measurement. Therefore, flow meter housing, shielded wire, measure the catheter should be grounded. To set the ground alone, don't connected to the motor or upper and lower line. Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle and characteristics of the abstract: the system effect on magnetic circuit of electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, measure the catheter, electrode, shell, lining and converter and other parts. The role of the magnetic circuit system is to produce uniform dc or ac magnetic field. Electromagnetic flowmeter generally adopts the alternating magnetic field, the role of the measuring tube is to get the measured liquid conductivity to pass through. Must be employed to measure the catheter is not permeability, low permeability, low thermal conductivity, and has certain mechanical strength of materials, can choose not magnetic stainless steel, glass steel, high strength plastic, aluminum, etc. The effect of electrode is measured flow and derivation is proportional to the induction electric potential signal. General use of magnetic stainless steel electrode, and are required to flush with the lining, so that the fluid through an unimpeded. Its installation position should be at the levels of pipeline axis direction, in order to prevent the sediment accumulation and influence on which the accuracy of measurement. In CWS occasions, due to the erosion of the electrodes by the high-pressure coal slurry will produce signal to noise, there are usually technical experience of the factory will use a low noise electrode to reduce the washing noise. Shell application of ferromagnetic materials, is the outer garment excitation coil, and isolate the external magnetic field interference. In measuring the inner side of the catheter and flange sealing surface, a layer of complete electrical insulating lining. Direct contact with the liquid to be tested, and its role is to prevent the induction electric potential by metal measuring tube wall short circuit, and can adapt to the measuring tube corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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