Used to measure all kinds of sewage flow meter type and selection

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-17
Environmental protection industry has already become important sectors of national economy, the environmental protection industry wastewater treatment is an important work. Of sewage flow measurement and control accuracy, reliability requirements has been more and more high, there are many ways of sewage flow measurement can be done, mainly is the electromagnetic flowmeter, doppler ultrasonic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, the throttle device, etc. , this article is based on electromagnetic flowmeter and design in the selection of vortex flowmeters, combined water treatment process, from two aspects of theory and practice in this paper, the respective characteristics. A domestic traffic expert F. C。 Kinghoro once said, flowmeter is one of the few use than manufacturing difficult viscous friction effect, also can produce unstable complex flow vortex and secondary flow phenomena. Measuring instrument itself by many factors, such as pipes, diameter size, shape, Circle, rectangle) Physical properties, boundary conditions and medium ( Temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, dirt resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. ) , the flow of the fluid ( Turbulent flow state, velocity distribution, etc. ) And the influence of installation conditions and levels. Face at home and abroad more than ten classes, hundreds of varieties of flow meter ( Successively developed volumetric, differential pressure type, turbine, area, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and thermal flowmeter types) , according to flow, flow pattern, installation requirements and environmental conditions, economic factors, such as reasonable selection, is the basis and prerequisite for application of well flow meter. In addition to the instrument itself to guaranteed quality, provide process data and instrument installation, use and maintenance is important is whether it is reasonable. In this paper, the electromagnetic, vortex street, throttle, etc. Several kinds of flowmeter lectotype design. 1 selection design of electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, since the 1950 s * time domestic industrial application, and s, apply and develop quickly in the flow measurement. Working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, that is perpendicular to the lines of magnetic force measured medium flow direction, and with the medium flow and the direction of the magnetic field lines are perpendicular to the induction electromotive force EX induction electromotive force measured medium flow (EX and Velocity) Is proportional to the electromagnetic flowmeter is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity, severe impact of external factors, such as measurements of the interior of the tube extruding part without shrinkage or pressure loss, in addition, the flow element to detect the signal at the beginning, is an average flow velocity and fluid into precise linear change voltage, it has nothing to do with the other properties of the fluid, has the very big superiority. According to the change of sewage flow, containing impurities, corrosive small, have certain features such as conductive ability, measure sewage flow, the electromagnetic flowmeter is a good choice. Its compact structure, small volume, convenient installation, operation and maintenance, such as measuring system adopts the intelligent design, whole sealing, can work normally under the harsh environment. Can choose neoprene lining, molybdenum stainless steel electrode electromagnetic flowmeter, can satisfy the requirement of sewage flow measurement. A smelter in production, due to the needs of the production process, can produce a large number of industrial wastewater, sewage treatment factory must be to monitor the flow of sewage. In the design of the past, many flow meter use vortex flowmeter and the orifice meter. And found in actual application of measuring flow display value and the actual flow, the deflection and use electromagnetic flowmeter deviation is greatly reduced. 2, vortex street flowmeter selection of vortex flowmeters are designed as a new type of flowmeter, the rapid development since the mid - 80 - s, it has many advantages and strengths in flow measurement, more and more widely applied in modern flow measurement. In the domestic use of vortex flowmeter in flow measurement will become more and more attention, at present our country has good performance and has independent intellectual property products. Vortex flowmeter is developed based on the fluid vibration, according to different vortex, the detection methods developed gradually from a hot wire type, thermal stress, magnetic susceptibility and differential switch capacitance type, ultrasonic type, etc. Vortex flowmeter can be used for almost everything can form vortex column occasions, not only can be used in a closed pipe, can also be used to open the groove. Compared with the turbine flowmeter, vortex flowmeter without moving mechanical parts, maintenance workload small, instrument constant stability; Compared with the orifice plate flowmeter, vortex flowmeter measurement range, small pressure loss, high accuracy, simple installation and maintenance. But the environment related parameters of vortex flowmeter is more, easy to be ignored at the scene of the use and influence the properties of flowmeter play correctly. Measuring principle of vortex flowmeters are in the pipeline flow meters, set up a stagnation, when the fluid flows through stagnation pieces, due to the effect on the surface of the viscous flow of viscous flow, in its downstream will produce two columns of asymmetric vortex, the vortex in the stagnation of suitability, apart form the so-called Carmen ( Karman) Spiral columns, two columns of spiral direction of rotation is opposite, Carmen is theoretically proved that h/L = 0. 281 ( H as the width between the two spiral columns, L is the distance between two adjacent vortex) , the spiral column is the stability of the Reynolds number Re is characterization of viscous fluid flow characteristics of a dimensionless number, its physical meaning is the ratio of inertia force and viscous force of fluid flow. Therefore, the flow of the fluid to the use of vortex street flowmeter has a certain influence. If the environment parameters on the fluid flow state has influence also affects the use of vortex street flowmeter performance. Through the practice, the following several aspects have influence on the use of vortex flowmeter, cope with these problems are analyzed.
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