Selection of liquid level meter from the point of measurement to how look upon

by:KAIDI     2021-01-15
Intelligent industrial production when the storage, transport, the application of all kinds of liquid raw materials and inventory goods, such as petrochemical equipment company fuel and various organic solvents, pharmaceutical industry, papermaking industry, our company manufacture all kinds of slurry and slurry, food industry production and storage of various moisturizing lotion and drinks, fruit juices, etc. , and safety must be applied to improve the storage, thus for the accurate measurement of liquid level gauge is the key work in manufacturing, the level gauge statistics for industrialized production of the key data, is to ensure that the company can be the foundation of all normal smooth production rules. Current industrial production industry general basic principle of accurate measurement of liquid level meter in structural mechanics, thermodynamics, heat, electronic light, if coupled with the difference of appearance design, level gauge goods even more than hundreds of species. Perhaps, each the level meter will inevitably has its difference from other kinds of differences, all the level gauge goods is not as accurate measurement of all the natural environment, different kinds of liquid level meter on behalf of the lean production way, application method and metrological verification methods are different, how to reasonable and clear classification has become manufacturers, customers, and unit of metrological verification problem of dealing with each other. Write this article from the Angle of accurate measuring method to the, to appear on the market more than 10 kinds of liquid level meter in category, in order to obtain a simple and easy, be clear at a glance the classification results. To assist the customer finished goods motor selection level to make suitable selection. A, the buoyancy of water according to the method to carry out accurate measurement method of the buoyancy of water level gauge type kinds of liquid level meter has an oil level sensor ( Floating ball or float barrel) On stationary liquid level, oil level sensor is in equilibrium, when the liquid level change oil level sensor with liquid level shifts, the electronic components must be to obtain the migration of oil level sensor to transform for the transition of the liquid level meter. Because of electronic components to accept oil level sensor offset method, method of the buoyancy of water level gauge is divided into magnetic flap liquid level meter, float barrel level gauge, magnetostrictive liquid level meter, etc. 1. 2 magnetic flap liquid level gauge. Magnetic level gauge with magnetic oil level sensor, turning cylindrical vessels, scale and intelligent transmitter. Oil level sensor in the vessel with the mobile in the liquid level, oil level sensor effect of electromagnetic field on the controller, the controller is the sealing in stainless steel pipe and the liquid level gauge to be measured with a long article bakelite, according to the above 1 cm or smaller spacing there were plenty of dry reed pipe welding, when the dry reed pipe and oil level sensor in the same aspect ratio when closed, or the way, intelligent transmitter accept dry reed pipe connection of resistor is how much electricity flow data signals, transform for liquid level height to width ratio. Oil level sensor in mobile information displayed on the scale of red, gaultheria rotation, liquid level meter. 1. 3 floating barrels of liquid level meter. Floating barrels of liquid level meter with float barrel, yellow, magnetic steel chamber and indicator, based on the Archimedes law and basic principle of magnetic coupling design. Floating barrels of deviation caused by magnetic steel room electromagnetic field has changed a lot, indicator within the magnetic controller * * * accurately measure the surrounding electromagnetic field transformation, match the level gauge, in turn, reflects the level gauge transformation. 1. Two magnetostrictive liquid level meter. Magnetostrictive liquidometer key made up of oil level sensor, waveguide and intelligent transmitter. Intelligent transmitter electronics component bottom piezoelectric flow single pulse, start the countdown, causing electromagnetic field along the line of magnetostrictive downwards to spread, oil level sensor with the liquid level meter change along the precise measuring stick in mobile, oil level sensor inside a magnet also causes electromagnetic fields, meet two electromagnetic field and magnetostriction line produces torsional stress wave single pulse distortion, single pulse rate known, measuring single pulse spreading time that matches the level gauge * * *. 2, according to the working pressure method to carry out the accurate measurement of liquid level gauge type pressure liquid level meter is according to its work pressure components accurately measure the liquid pressure method of liquid level height to width ratio of the level gauge. Usually made up of intelligent transmitter, controller and camera work pressure. Controller is embedded capillary unique metal rod or cable plastic hose, the camera is a stainless steel plate drum core structure, bottom contain pulse dampers. Camera invasion in the liquid, detection of liquid pressure and atmospheric pressure difference, pressure difference with liquid level gauge transformation, the electronic components to accept pressure data signals reflect the change of liquid level gauge.
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