Quantitative loading system is made up of what parts?

by:KAIDI     2021-01-26
By the field instruments (quantitative loading and unloading car system Including high accuracy mass flow meter, electric, pneumatic valve, the flame-proof apparatus batch control and safety interlock device, etc. ) , the scene data collector ( Built-in photoelectric switches) And upper monitor management system. Flowmeter flow signal sent to the batch control apparatus, batch control instrument through the preset flow rate control valve open, low speed high speed unloading, low-speed closed filling process, effectively reduce water hammer. Batch control instrument by Ethernet or 485 communication lines connected to the PC, a local loading and unloading and remote loading and unloading of the dual control mode. The whole car handling system for the sales department of SAP, ERP or other sales software interface preset, and scale load data can be directly connected to the loading system, at the same time as the third party of DCS and PLC and SCADA system with Modbus RS - 485 interface.
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