Of vortex flowmeter in gas liquid medium measurement of experimental research

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-17
The emergence of fluid flow in the spiral is increasing the flow resistance and the important cause of larger energy loss. So, should try to avoid or reduce vortex in fluid conveying the opportunity. But with the understanding of the law of motion of the vortex generation and continued to deepen, consciously use in engineering practice, such as spiral of karman vortex street in recent years research has made new achievements, apply to the flow measurement, and successfully designed and manufactured the karman vortex street flowmeter, when the fluid flows through the block body on both sides of the block body alternated vortex, this phenomenon is called karman vortex street. Japan in the 1960 s * using the phenomenon of karman vortex street first developed the vortex flowmeter, vortex flowmeter after due to its many advantages can be widely used in industrial field. Under the condition of single-phase fluid study of vortex flowmeter is relatively mature, the researchers got by the method of testing a large number of valuable test result, and is applied to the development of vortex flowmeter, makes the measuring accuracy of vortex flowmeter, reliability has been greatly improved 2, 3] 。 Industrial measurement often have such a problem: sometimes mixed with a small amount of gas in the liquid pipeline, the flow qualitative change into gas liquid two phase flow. Because of the complexity of the gas-liquid two phase flow, study the characteristics of vortex street flowmeter measurement under the condition of not much. Xi 'an jiaotong university Li Yongguang [ 4 - 6] Used in gas liquid two phase flow in vertical pipe runs, in different shape of vortex street body are studied, under different sectional gas rate of vortex structure and the change of the strouhal number of experimental research, and gives the strouhal number section gas rate and change the formula. Li Yongguang work mainly from the Angle of the fluid mechanics of gas liquid two phase flow in the vortex phenomenon was studied, the mechanism of the test results about the section are the gas content measurement [ 4] 。 Is studied through experiment from the Angle of the measurement, this paper contains a small amount of gas liquid in horizontal pipeline under the condition of the change of vortex street flowmeter measurement results, and the measured results were measured with spectrum analysis and pulse counting two way, by comparing the spectrum analysis found that under the condition of the liquid gas fluid significantly better than that of pulse counting method. 1 1 test apparatus and test method. 1 test device test medium by measuring flow of water and air, respectively, into the pipeline blending into a gas liquid two phase flow into the test section. Test apparatus is shown in figure 1. Test unit consists of air compressor, air tank, storage tank, separating tank, flow meter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, industrial control, and all kinds of valves. Air compressor will be compressed air into the air tank, before 1 standard flowmeter metering gas-liquid mixing gasholder flow of gas into the pipeline. Water storage tank 30 m off the ground, provide the necessary test liquid, the flow 2 measured by standard flowmeter. The liquid and the gas phases after shaker blending into the test section, after the inflow separating tank of water and air separation, air is being exhausted from bleed valve, water from the pump back into the water storage tank to use again. Industrial computer for all instrument data acquisition and display and to control two electric control valves, regulating the flow of gas phase and liquid phase. Vortex street flowmeter selection used in the test for more than one application of piezoelectric vortex flow sensor, the diameter D = 50 mm in diameter. The vortex street sensor placed in a horizontal straight pipe, the upstream and downstream straight pipe length of 30 d and 20 d respectively. Pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter on vortex flow sensor 1 d upstream and downstream of the location of the 10 d, shaker 30 d of vortex flowmeter are installed in the upper position.
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