Occurring in the process of metal tube rotor flowmeter measurement is analysed fault phenomenon and corresponding solution strategy

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-01
Float stuck a, metal tube rotameter is cause the cursor to a location without moving the main reason for the metal tube rotameter in use process to be more strict requirements, in when you start the measurements of the valve, want to do it slow, even as far as possible, to reduce the initial flow of the liquid medium in the impact of a flow meter, is not only beneficial to prolong the life of a flow meter, flowmeter for measuring precision of the amount of guarantee also has very important significance. In field measurement of fault cases, often have customer feedback said flowmeter measurement instrument pointer position in a lockout, in many cases because of metal tube rotameter when using open valve too fast, the float fast upward shock stop, stop deformation caused will float. Another reason is that float guide bar with different heart, stop ring float jammed. Concrete treatment method is the instrument will be removed, the deformation of plastic surgery to stop off, and check whether with guide bar work, such as different heart can be calibrated, then float installed, push float, feeling float unimpeded card can be up and down. Comprehensive site such failure phenomenon, largely due to improper installation and use, so the flow meter must be vertical or horizontal installation, when installation cannot tilt, otherwise easy to cause the card table, and also brings to the measurement error. Slight pointer jitter: generally caused by fluctuations in medium. Can be used to increase the damping ways to overcome. Moderate pointer jitter: generally caused by medium flow state. Is often caused by unstable operating pressure of medium for gas. Can use voltage or current regulator devices to overcome or increase the gas flow meter damping. Due to severe pointer jitter: medium pulse, pressure instability or users are given the gas pressure, temperature and flow of the operating state does not accord with the actual state of float flowmeter, a bigger difference caused by flow meter range. Installation does not conform to the requirements for vertical metal rotameter to keep vertical, Angle is not more than 20 degrees for horizontal flow meter to keep level, tilt Angle is not more than 20 degrees, 100 mm space around float flowmeter can not have ferromagnetic objects. To stay away from the valve installation position process pipeline diameter changes, pump discharge, corner, etc. Keep straight pipe before 5 d after 3 d requirements. The density of liquid medium larger changes is also a cause of error. Because the instrument before calibration, it will be medium conversion, according to the density of users give converted to calibration status of water flow in calibration, so if the change of medium density is bigger, can cause very big error of measurement. Solution can be change after medium density into the formula of the conversion error correction coefficient, then flow meter to measure flow rate multiplied by the coefficient for the real traffic. Influence on gas medium due to temperature and pressure, and recommended way to obtain the real flow of temperature, pressure compensation. Due to use for a long time and many factors such as pipeline vibration metal tube rotameter sensor magnets, Pointers and counterweight, rotating magnetic steel parts loose, caused the error. Solution: can use first hand push pointer to verify. * the cursor on the RP (first Starting from zero) Location, see if the output is 4 ma, in turn shall be carried out in accordance with the scale validation. If found, can be adjusted to place parts. General requirements * * personnel adjustment, otherwise it will cause the loss position, need to return to factory. * look at the wiring is correct. Liquid crystal display, if have showed no output, more for the output pipe bad, need to change the circuit board. Loss of calibration values. Due to the output fault, instrument calibration data loss, can also cause no output current, current will remain the same. Solution: the available data recovery operations, if don't work, general requirements * * personnel adjustment, otherwise it will cause the loss position, need to return flow meter manufacturers. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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