Multichannel ultrasonic flowmeter in the oil pipeline liquid in the field of practical application

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-07
2 em now twice the size of a word * /} A ultrasonic flowmeter, multichannel pipeline liquid application situation of ultrasonic flow meter as a new flow measurement technology, has developed rapidly, especially applied to the research and development and production of the liquid medium measurement meter technology rise very rapidly, according to the current development speed, experts predict liquid ultrasonic flowmeter in flow measurement and measurement areas will have a broad application prospect in the future. According to relevant statistics of the industry, and in many application condition, multichannel pipeline liquid ultrasonic flowmeter has gradually become the substitute traditional volumetric flowmeter and the turbine flowmeter, in trade settlement link application case is also more and more. Multichannel ultrasonic flowmeter has been at home and abroad pipeline liquid transfer of product oil and crude oil metering station has many successful applications, for example, cnooc Iraq maysan oil block transmission measurement, cnooc bohai LVDA27 - 2 assignments section, cnooc - SAN tin LF7 - oil cooperation platform The transmission of 2 have been successful in measuring pry putting-in-service proactively. Only from a technical perspective, multichannel pipeline liquid ultrasonic flowmeter in heavy traffic and large diameter pipeline measurement has very significant advantages, there are no additional pressure loss, no moving parts, no throttling device and perfect self diagnosis function and convenient online testing and maintenance advantages, etc. , these are undoubtedly is one of the traditional volumetric and turbine flowmeter can't have, plus it has a wider range than other flowmeter, therefore is becoming liquid raw materials and * * for the custody transfer of oil metering instrument. Second, liquid working principle of the ultrasonic flowmeter and the test difficulty pipeline measuring principle of ultrasonic flowmeter is based on time difference method, namely when the ultrasonic wave propagation in a medium, will take fluid information, even between acoustic signal propagation time of small changes, the change of time is proportional to the velocity. Multichannel liquid ultrasonic flowmeter is time by measuring the propagation time difference on different channel measurement and calculation. Pipeline of ultrasonic flowmeter is different from traditional volumetric flowmeter and the turbine flowmeter, it is to rely on indirect measurement of electronic chip and sent abroad, calculation of the pulse that for artificial & other; Manufacturing & throughout; The pulse (related to traffic Frequency) , because the flow pulse and serial signal is obtained from calculation, so the output signal will lag behind the fluid characteristics, and with the processing of data transformation, the pulse signal is likely to lag behind the serial data signal. Pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter on its internal several channel high frequency difference measurement, due to the instability of flow exist, any tiny disturbance and pulsating flow was detected by flow meter, which can lead to flow produce uneven pulse output ( As shown in figure 1) While the rest of the information is the traditional mechanical flowmeter and reaction not to come out. And piston volume tube due to the large size of the volume is still far less than the volume of API recommended value, in addition to piston volume tube in the process of running the launch and recovery can cause traffic disturbance obviously, so the piston pipe cannot be directly used for ultrasonic flowmeter calibration liquid volume. To sum up, due to the principle and characteristic of the ultrasonic flowmeter itself exists uneven pulse output, so lead to the volume of a calibration tube volume value is huge, the volume of a large tube in the manufacture, use, transport installation there are a lot of inconvenience, especially offshore oil platform and tanker on the limitations of space and weight, were severely restricts the ultrasonic flowmeter in the development and application of cnooc. Three ultrasonic flowmeter calibration and liquid by, according to API standard available spherical volume tube according to the specification recommended to choose direct ultrasonic flowmeter calibration liquid volume. But because of the limitation of Marine conditions not every project and application has enough space to meet the spherical volume tube, so to seek update in cnooc's business and development, there must be ways to solve this problem. The current domestic application proved that such as precision of theory that & other; Piston + standard volume tube flowmeter method & throughout; Can solve the problem of large volume, ultrasonic flowmeter need prover considering the scale range, standard flowmeter recommended with turbine flowmeter. Have such as precision transfer theory in the field of flow measurement, and the flow rate value transmit. in only need to meet the metrology correlation basic principle, flow meter and verification flow point, when use the same medium and the use of physical properties of medium and flowmeter calibration and geometry features when using the same, flow meter in the process of verification and using the same process of operation, then flow benchmark emersion the flow system of units will be passed to the equivalent precision work flow meter. “ Small volume + standard volume tube flowmeter method & throughout; Calibration method is: ( 1) First use of piston volume tube verification as intermediate transfer standard flowmeter, under the rules of flow point, point by point repeatedly measurement ( Measurement times no less than 5 times) The revised, and then to the temperature, pressure, calculate the standard table under each inspection point average instrument coefficient and repeatability. Standard flowmeter calibration for repeatability is better than 0. It is advisable to 02%. ( 2) Under the condition of the same verification flow meter and verification, in the period of rules and regulations of standard table pulse number ( Usually greater than 10000) To record the standard table at the same time the number of pulses flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter and the temperature everywhere at that time, pressure data, the volume tube stop running. ( 3) The number of pulses through a standard table and instrument coefficient and the temperature, pressure, fluid volume is calculated through the standard table. ( 4) Through a standard list of fluid volume and the temperature of the ultrasonic flowmeter, pressure can be concluded that ultrasonic flowmeter under each inspection point average instrument coefficient and repeatability.
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