Mud flow meter measuring application in tunnel grouting engineering

by:KAIDI     2021-02-21
The category, mud flow meter application with our country all the way along the execution of development strategy of economic development, domestic and coastal areas, China and overseas to contact will be more and more inseparable, all kinds of goods trade will greatly promote the development of national road traffic line trend, railway, highway will have a development trend all climax. Landscape development trend of our country is the west and low in the Midwest most are all poor areas, east and west plains of relativity in figure is only a part of our country all the plate, so the traffic of west along the road will have to be a lot of tunnel construction and the mouth of the DAMS. In tunnel construction of grouting construction site, the dynamic characteristic of the metrological verification concrete grouting quantity is particularly important, mud flow meter because of its unique advantages in tunnel construction site to further improve the slurry consolidation grouting volume the precise measurement of the degree, to ensure that the real and effective and the CRD has very big effect. In this paper, we illustrate the big XiGou water conservancy hub project is tap water conservancy hub in urumqi, xinjiang river, 66 km away from urumqi, water conservancy is the flood control and water conservancy project. Core key from the clay core wall dam, computation, and add water drainage and diversion tunnel of watering holes for housing construction. And don't for Ⅰ, such as project, project scale is big, 1) Type, drainage and diversion tunnel for level 1 housing construction, layout in the right bank of rock, the hole for construction diversion, all the normal application period drainage, sand washing, empty of daily tasks. Drainage and diversion tunnel contains 103. 305 and 316 m long ring with pressure hole. 695 m long hole section, no pressure with free-flow tunnel diameter D = 4. 7 m, no pressure tunnel as the city the gate type, cross-sectional size 4. 0 m× 8. 0 m, the tunnel choose two lining concrete structure, the lining thickness of 0. 6m。 Posture of surrounding rock as tuff, the thick mylonite, a bag with broken rock structure, comprehensive appraisal to Ⅲ class. Tunnel surrounding rock to carry out backfill grouting in consolidation grouting, consolidation grouting hole quincunx decorate, interval of 5. 0 m× 5. 0 3 m deep bedrock. 6m。 Second, the mud flow meter ( Pressure transmitter) The principle of grouting construction technology of slurry and water flow measurement is critical, very is the application of liquid total flow measuring instrument, has its own requirements, such as slurry should be clean and often bear the high speed of particles, such as friction and extreme natural environment, traffic equipments in various liquid goods, mud flow meter with precise measuring temperature not by fluid mechanics, the dangers of work stress, relative density, viscosity, internal direct is bright and clean, immediately to carry out accurate measurement, metrological verification advantages such as high precision, fast response time; No fitness component and its inspection department, the condition of not easy to produce drip, the lining can be used ptfe plastic and alumina ceramics, have strong corrosion resistance, in recent years has become grouting project flow measurement instruments and equipment. Mud flow meter ( Hereinafter referred to as the EMF) Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction principle is application of scene, when the material being measured vertical split the magnetic induction line bearing liquidity, therefore and physical mobility and magnetic induction line due to vertical orientation on induction electromotive force E, induction electromotive force E traffic Q is proportional with the tested material, and accurate measurement of magnetic induction intensity B and nominal diameter D, and the change of main parameters and other physics irrelevant. Detection system of the intelligent transmitter output E is a very weak alternating electric field data signals, scratching on including all kinds of dry ingredients, and data signals internal resistance change up to ten more than hg & Omega; And regulation converter is a high input impedance, and can suppress various dry torsion component of communication, video converter will be induced electromotive force into 4 ~ 20 ma consistent data signals, converter with high input impedance differential amplifier, main amplifier, orthogonal dry scratching suppressor, phase-sensitive detector, a direct current amplifier, hall multiplier, etc, after the output data signal power flow for Io = K· Q, the type of Io for the output data signal flow, K for the dashboard constant.
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