Metal tube flow meter measuring advantage and application of maintenance and transformation, On)

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-07
RZ - LZ series of metal tube float flowmeter belongs to a new generation of flow meter, its performance has been further improved, the characteristics are as follows: float rotating not easy blockage, magnetic element is not affected by the magnetic field; Using time forming inner and outer taper pipe one-piece, strong concise no dead Angle measuring tube; Low pressure loss design, modular, intelligent, card type indicator. Measurement data by software correction, domestic medium, viscosity, density, temperature, pressure, accurate calculation of relevant parameters, which can effectively ensure measured data accurate and reliable. Currently applied in the metal tube float flowmeter in the market also increase year by year. Use the amount of more and more, in this paper, the metal flow meter measurement and its application in the maintenance and retrofit for further instructions. It further improve the availability and advantage of metal tube float flowmeter: 1, can be flexible according to the needs of traffic parameters design. Or when the temperature is higher than the room temperature of fluid flow through the instrument in pipeline, caused by temperature drop produces float action, or fluid viscosity significant changes affect the measurement of special needs, can use jacket insulation design of flowmeter; The flow pulsation of the larger, can choose a damping measures flow meter; Jacket insulation type flowmeter can take sandwich of pumping air into vacuum state, to achieve the effect of heat insulation, also can let the high temperature steam through the interlayer, in order to achieve the purpose of the heat insulation; In front of the indicator design with heat sink. 2. Resistance to high temperature, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance is the metal flow meter can measure the high temperature, high pressure fluid is one of the advantages, it can measure the temperature as high as 400 ℃ and high pressure for liquid and gas flow rate of 70 mpa. In this kind of situation has not been able to observe float in the position of the human eye, and USES the magnetic coupling induction flow display system instructions. Flow meter itself often adopt stainless steel material, some line with engineering plastic, can be corrosive fluid. 3. Convenient interface flexible metal flow meter can satisfy the pipeline field installation conditions, the inlet and outlet can be on-demand design, there are vertical flows into the horizontal flow structure, can be flowed into vertical, horizontal vertical flow, but also different height of horizontal flow water advection back, etc. 4. Remote measurement and control, intelligent operating metal flow meter in many cases without auxiliary power measurement site, pointer display flow without external power supply driver, usually display a modular remote analog signal output interface ( 4mA~20mA) More also equipped with HART communication protocol compatible digital interface, easy to by manual operation or PC programming for transmitter linearity of the calibration and testing, or on-site parameter setting and the joint with the computer, in order to implement the remote measurement and control. ( Unfinished, see next)
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