Magnetic level gauge turning what are the differences and characteristics of several types and corresponding

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-29
According to the magnetic flap components analysis of liquid level meter, magnetic level gauge turning the main measuring principle mainly includes two parts: one is the magnetic coupling principle, this is embodied in the internal float magnetic and magnetic double column or magnetic flap on the panel by magnetic coupling effect, when float arrived at any point in measuring range, and face inspcetion of red, white and double color magnetic double column. Opposites attract, homosexual, panel have different color, thus indicating the current level of data. Second, float principle, i. e. Archimedes found common force principle of liquid level. Because the float is controlled by the liquid level height, so the liquid surface directly drive the rise and fall of float, and finally by magnetic coupling on the measurement of panel display. RZ - embellish instrument science and technology in production UHZ for basic products, a variety of other types are based on its functional extension. Let's existing in the production of magnetic flap for liquid type and multiple expansion measurement methods, introduce one to you. Magnetic level gauge with flange turning or other interfaces form a communicating vessels and containers; It cavity in the body of liquid level and liquid level of container is the same height, so the cavity in the body to float the club with the hoist and lifting container level; We can't see the liquid level, at the moment, so we're outside the cavity is filled with a double column display, because when we manufacture float in the floating ball into a liquid and the part of the border installed magnets, it has to do with floating ball with the liquid level fluctuation, its magnetic through shell is passed to the column display, promote magnetic double column flip 180 & deg; ; Due to the magnetic double column is a red and white two and a half cylindrical composite cylinder, so turn over 180 & deg; After facing double column displays will change the color of the outside ( Liquid level above the following red, white) Two color border, that is on the surface of the liquid level. Level gauge control type double column at the same time in the monitoring level of magnetic control switch signal can be used to control or alarm level; Far eastone type magnetic flap the level increased by 4 ~ 20 ma analog sensors, at the same time in the field monitoring liquid level of the change of liquid level through analog sensors, cables and instruments to the control room, to realize remote monitoring and control. Is a kind of simple structure, convenient use of level control parts, it has complex circuit and unjammable. Can be high temperature resistant, long service life, stable performance and low price. Corrosion resistance to acid and alkali magnetic level gauge with magnetic coupling isolator airtight structure turning, is particularly applicable to flammable, explosive and toxic corrosion liquid level detection. So that the original complex environment of liquid level detection means become simple and reliable safety. Level gauge has the direct reading type characteristic of local display. Don't need multiple sets of liquid level meter. A monomer full range measurement. Equipment is short hole, showing clear, sign marked, direct reading. Magnetic flap high temperature and low pressure liquid level meter in airtight metal or plastic tube, the magnetic reed switch set one or more points, and then through one or more of the pipes, hollow and internal floating ball with ring magnet, and use the retaining ring, to control the floating ball and magnetic reed switch is in the related position, make the float to fluctuate within a certain scope. Using the floating ball in the magnet to attract the magnetic reed switch contact, open and close action. Clamp with magnetic flap liquidometer structure strong, stable and reliable performance, at the same time, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, easy installation, low cost, multipoint control for a long, heavy water pump, volatile liquid or impurity liquid good control effect. General liquid can also be used. Double color magnetic level gauge is suitable for industrial production process is opened or turning pressure container liquid level control. When the liquid level in the upper limit or lower limit, the switch signal alarm or control pump, valve opening and closing. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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