Magnetic level gauge turning installation and improper use can appear what problem

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-31
p { 文本- - - - - - 缩进:2 em; / * em is relative unit, 2 em now twice the size of a word * /} Magnetic level gauge and inspcetion level gauge, turning maglev ball gauge or magnetic column level gauge, its working principle is the use of magnetic coupling principle, basic model of the magnetic level gauge can only live shows, turning due to its double column form for the red and white, so also very clear and convenient to observation and if the production site to normal aqueous solution, atmospheric pressure, and no corrosive, chooses the ordinary type 304 stainless steel products can do. Because of the complexity of the production site and diversity, such as high temperature and high pressure, corrosive, often meet the explosion-proof, remote transmission, thermal insulation and so on the condition of requirements, embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Has developed in the corresponding with magnetic flap the level needed to product type. Now my company's products have achieved covers all the vast number of measurement field magnetic flap of product types, atmospheric pressure, high pressure, high temperature, corrosion, remote transmission, vacuum, heat preservation jacket, steam heating, electric heating, far eastone, explosion-proof, such as the size of the products and materials, can also according to customer's specific needs to make corresponding adjustment, achieve a better function combination, meet the needs of the customers. Magnetic level gauge turning installation and use actually not complex, in addition to follow the general instrument installation specification, for the characteristics of the magnetic level gauge turning itself, but also corresponding to install. According to the us for many years in the magnetic flap liquidometer summarize the experience of installation and maintenance, customer is buying this company produces the magnetic flap after liquid level meter in the actual installation process, such as improper use will appear the following questions, so need to be special attention: a magnetic flap, level gauge calibration is normal, after putting-in-service proactively find float in a position to present a period of time & other; Absorb & quot; Phenomenon. This device is mainly the level through the steel platform, and the steel plate spacing too close. Therefore, through the steel platform device needs special attention to the level of pipe wall and platform cutting line spacing. On the basis of field application experience, the distance here as early as 100 ㎜ can guarantee affect magnetic float do not. Second, occasionally found in field calibration float up and down move not sensitive enough. This is mostly due to improper level meter device made up of, at this time to pay more attention to the center of the upper and lower flange can be in a line, with the degree of surface vertically. Common, and the degree of surface Angle of not less than 87 degrees, if deviation is bigger, may impact the float move smoothly. Three, level gauge field putting-in-service proactively, to pay special attention to should be opened the upper gate, opened lower after the gate. This is due to the level of at the bottom of the pipe is equipped with maintenance float the thrust of spring, otherwise, the role of big differential pressure level meter can crack-up float incurred cannot use. Four, liquid level meter used in the process, if the output signal frequency pulse disturbance or interference, check signal cable shielding layer can be reliable grounding, work is meet the request of the resistance. If interference is still not complete alleviation, usable signal isolator to deal with. Five, the liquid level meter putting-in-service proactively after a period of time, present float to float and float move not sensitive situation. This is fundamentally due to the magnetic float was matted with iron filings or other contaminants. Can be emptying medium first, and then remove the float, eliminate some iron filings on magnetic float or other contaminants. Six, if due to transport or other reasons cause the instructions with airtight glass tube rupture, usable domestic glass tube to change. But good to vacuum. Also, be aware of glass tube can be vertical, lest affect indicator's instructions. Seven, level gauge particularly want to pay attention to in the application, please don't use strong magnet pull float up and down outside the pipe stop check, or you will incur magnetization of the magnetic float and polarity changes, so that can make the magnetic float, which is difficult to work properly. These tips for common phenomenon, how to avoid when we install and use, can ensure the smooth progress of the installation, effectively improve installation efficiency. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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