Integrated temperature transmitter use from time to tome what considerations?

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-27
Integrated temperature transmitter in use process should pay attention to matters has the following three points: 1, determine the sensor can be inserted into the to measure the temperature field of the centre. 2 general vertical installation, high temperature measurement, such as side to consider the high temperature can make the protection tube deformation damage, need to strengthen the protection pipe or equipment with stent. 3, a stirring disturbance measure, generally have strengthen tube, sensor from strengthening tube inserted into the measurement area; Such as some fast response time requirements, sensor parts ( The protection tube department) Can show a little. Integrated temperature transmitter in the process of installation, can according to the above three requirements for installation, if installed in the pipeline, not only should consider the impact of the fluid, also consider fluid produced by vortex vibration damage.
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